Sally Pearson of Australia

SYDNEY – Australia’s Sally Pearson will not defend her women’s 100 metres hurdles title at the Rio Olympics later this summer, according to reports.

Pearson, who won the title at the London Games in 2012, returned to competitive action earlier this year after a wrist injury kept her on the sidelines for a quite some time.

However, she has apparently suffered another setback this week, following reports in the Sydney Morning Herald that she has torn her hamstring in a sprint training session on the Gold Coast.

Earlier this month Pearson, who has been battling with a series of injury setbacks recently, wrote on her website: “I was a little disappointed with my results and also disappointed that my body was letting me down a little.

“This has been a big year, broken bones, torn calf, degenerative Achilles and hammy problems … sometimes I wonder why I still continue to do this sport.

‘”What brings athletes back even after we get pushed down time and time again from disappointment?

“For me, it’s the excitement, the fun and the pure determination that I can overcome the setbacks and still deliver my best.”

It is understood that Pearson will shed some light on the report on Wednesday on the Gold Coast.

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