Mike Rodgers

EUGENE, Sporting Alert – Sprinter Michael Rodgers thinks Usain Bolt should earn his place on the Jamaican team to the Rio Olympics, and he hopes someone will beat the sprint sensation and “puts him in his place.”

The American made the comments after hearing that Bolt, the six-time Olympic champion and double world record holder over the 100m and 200m, withdrew from the JAAA Senior Trials on Friday with a hamstring injury and has applied for a medical pass.

Several athletes have been commenting on the possibility of Bolt taking the place of another for the Rio Games, and Rodgers, who will be hoping fighting for a spot on the U.S. team at his own trials, believes Bolt should have to do the same.

“We have the toughest Trials in America. We don’t get a bye. We don’t have a medical exemption. I felt like it is a cop-out,” Rodgers said.

“He Should run just like everyone else.”

Rodgers added:”But at the end of the day, he is Bolt. He is the Olympic champion, and the world champion.”

Rodgers and Bolt have met 15 times over the 100m, and the Jamaican has come out on top all 15 times.

The U.S. sprinter hopes that someone will soon beat Bolt, the Olympic 2008 and 2012 triple champion, and “puts him in his place.”

“Until someone beats him, puts him in his place, he is going to continue to do what he wants to do.”

Meanwhile, Bolt’s American rival Justin Gatlin, who finished behind the Jamaican in both the 100m and 200m at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, last summer, also commented.

Gatlin said: “He is Usain, so we’re going to see his face in Rio one way or another. When you command a certain power in track and field, sometimes you get to exercise it.

“He is injured and he has a medical pass. That is what his country does. Our country doesn’t do that.

“You have to come to the line, come ready and if you are not ready that day then you’re not on that boat to get to the next destination which is the Olympic Games.”

Mike Rodgers

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  1. A silly argument by Mike Rogers and Gatlin. How a country selects there athletes is no other countries business. The Jamaican trials is not the Olympic Games. I did not watch the Jamaican trials and so many others did not watch it, neither did I watch the American trials but I will be watching the Olympic Games where I suppose Gatlin (probably not Rogers) will Face Bolt which is what the world want to see. If Bolt was at the trials he would have most likely won it so what is their point. They do not want him in it because they want to win which is most unlikely if he is there.

    1. I agree with you Alex. Not only that, No one is saying anything about the British selection. The top 2 spots assured, the other spot on form. Including in this form would be somebody with medical exemption. Mike Rogers is one of the most single minded athlete I have listened, whenever he opens his mouth, all I can do is SMH.

    2. This is typical american behaviour – condom those you cannot equal. Best of luck to gatlin, the same ahole who was BANNED BECAUSE HE IS A CHEAT!!

  2. Truth. The American track and field trials are tougher that the Olympics and the World championships. Everyone competes on an equal pane not special treatment for superstars. Take a look at Allyson Felix. She ran on a bad ankle in order to qualify. No medical excuses. Sanya Richards-Ross came out to compete with a hamstring injury. No medical exemptions. In the Jamaican meet people false started and was placed back in the race. You may not like what he said but it is the truth.

    1. I think we can go on and on about the selection process between USA and Jamaica. But since you want to make a special treatment for superstars accusation why don’t you explain to use why Sanya Richards fail to qualify for the semis in the 400m in 2015 but was still selected to the team as part of the 4x400m relay. As a matter of fact was given a spot on the relays in the world championships finals. Is that special treatment? And did you see 2 top US athletes false start in their preliminary heats (100 and 400) but still advanced? Any comment on that? Any by the way, what Rogers is saying is not the truth it is an opinion. His problem shoudn’t be with Bolt, it should be with the rule, which clearly gives Bolt the right to apply for a medical exemption if injured at time of trials. Do you really think there are 3 guys that would have beaten Bolt in the 100 or 200 and knock him out the olympic games?

    2. Truth, here is truth…let your spikes do the talking on the track….period. If the JAAA has that medical exemption law, why is Rogers griping about what is tougher and what is a cop out? Have your country and administration include one, yuh jus rass bad mine

    3. And by the way C Lee, don’t forget that Gil was disqualified from the men’s 400m in early rounds, ran under protest and ended up finishing second to Merritt in the final and is going to Rio.

    4. Maybe the U.S. should revisit their selection policy. It is not true that people false started and got put back in the race. It can be seen that there was a problem with the start. But two Americans false started ran under protest, and got through to the finals. Lee you big bias.

    5. Truth?
      Numnut america got how many million ppl to choose from
      And jamiaca has how many?
      Jamica put our best atlethes on the plane try and beat them simple you americans are dumb and over confident think we going leave the fastest man on earth to make you have a stiffy.

    6. That’s what’s wrong with America now, always getting involved in other countries business, and you really wonder why people hates America.

  3. Very true Damion….I think we are forgetting that Usain Bolt, even as we are speaking remains the fastest Jamaican this season with 9.88 done with a big time slip. He dominated all these guys at the Racers Track Grand Prix. People are so stupid to think that he couldn’t finish in the top three.

  4. Gatlin is not my favorite athlete, but I respect him. He puts his money where his mouth is. He did his time and now he’s back, and none of you can beat him. Earn your place rogers, cause rite now yuh nuh have none. Bad mine is active.

  5. Comment And, like Usain Bolt posted on his Instagram page : “Continue talking and I will continue working hard.” Bolt hardly makes noise ; he just does his business which is to win gold medals. Mike Rodgers and Justin Gatlin should just concentrate on their practice, instead of wallowing in envy. In the heat of their own fault-finding and mudslinging, they may not take notice of another strong rival : YOHAN BLAKE!

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