2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

DUBAI, UAE — The Top 10 finishers for both men’s and women’s from the 2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon on Friday.

Ethiopians Tamirat Tola and Worknesh Degefa took the top honours in the men’s and women’s division.

Bekele World Record Hopes Dash With Fall

Kenenisa Bekele revealed in the build up to the race that he would attempt to break the marathon world record but the Ethiopian fell early and never recovered.

Bekele fell at the start of the race and after being held back in the pack, he pushed the pace a little harder than he initially wanted and was forced into pulling out of the race after halfway due to a calf injury.

It was the second time the 34-year-old was dropping out of the Dubai Marathon, following a hamstring injury setback two years ago.

He explained what happened on Friday.

“I was at least in the same shape as in Berlin and ready for something special today,” Bekele told reporters.

“But after a hard fall just after the start, my body was out of balance and I got cramps in my left calf trying to run at world record pace.

“I like to prepare for many scenarios, but this was definitely not one of them!”

Ethiopian Tamirat Tola set a course record of 2:04:11 to win the men’s race, while compatriot Worknesh Degefa won the women’s race in 2:22:36.

The Top 10 on the men’s side had nine Ethiopians, including the Top 4 finishers.

The Top nine runners on the women’s side were all Ethiopians.

It was the sixth successive time Ethiopians were sweeping the men’s and women’s races at the Dubai Marathon.

2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Top 10

1 Tamirat Tola (ETH) 2:04:11
2 Mule Wasihun (ETH) 2:06:46
3 Sisay Lemma (ETH) 2:08:04
4 Sisay Jigsa (ETH) 2:08:09
5 Mark Lokwanamoi (KEN) 2:08:39
6 Mekuant Ayenew (ETH) 2:09:23
7 Azmeraw Bekele (ETH) 2:10:22
8 Chele Dechasa (ETH) 2:10:24
9 Limenih Getachew (ETH) 2:11:16
10 Tsegaye Mekonnen (ETH) 2:11:54

1 Worknesh Degefa (ETH) 2:22:36
2 Shure Demise (ETH) 2:22:57
3 Yebrgual Melese (ETH) 2:23:13
4 Tadelech Bekele (ETH) 2:24:04
5 Hirut Tibebu (ETH) 2:25:12
6 Roza Dereje (ETH) 2:26:58
7 Shuko Genemo (ETH) 2:28:16
8 Tigist Teshome (ETH) 2:30:09
9 Megertu Ifa (ETH) 2:30:45
10 Anne-Mari Hyrylainen (FIN) 2:32:19

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