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Selected Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier Results, Re-Watch Events

Selected results from the Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier meeting from races contested on Saturday, Feb. 27, as a number of the sport's top athletes went about seeking U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials and Olympic Games qualifying marks in their respective events.

Glen Andrews

Ajee Wilson Millrose Games
Ajee' Wilson in action the 2017 Millrose Games

Selected results from the Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier meeting from races contested on Saturday, Feb. 27, as a number of the sport’s top athletes went about seeking U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials and Olympic Games qualifying marks in their respective events.

Among the highlighted performers on Saturday’s second night of competition was American Ajee’ Wilson, who dominated the women’s 800m run.

Re-Watch Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier

The American world bronze medalist posted an outdoors world-leading time of 1:58.93 to secure the victory in the half mile after using a strong finish in the closing 120m to pull away from her challengers.

Wilson, 26, got home ahead of a spirited Kaela Edwards, who also broke the two-minute mark on the night – clocking 1:59.86 for second place, while Hannah Segrave ran 2:01.33 for third place.

The men’s race was taken by Isaiah Harris in a time of 1:46.19, as he edged Tonatiu T Lopez Alvarez, who came home in 1:46.25.

Another impressive performance came from Elinor Purrier in the women’s 5000m.

Purrier crossed the finishing line in 15:08.61.

Mason Ferlic ran 13:25.92 to beat Hillary Bor (13:26.74) in the men’s race.

Selected Trials of Miles Texas Qualifier Results

Event 21 Women 800 Meter Run

1 Wilson, Ajee’ adidas 1:58.93
2 Edwards, Kaela adidas 1:59.86
3 Segrave, Hannah New Balance 2:01.33
4 Tracey, Adelle GB 2:01.56
5 Brown, Ce’Aira Hoka 2:02.15
6 Grace, Kate Team Boss 2:02.76
7 Efraimson, Alexa Nike 2:03.28
8 Watson, Sammy adidas 2:03.30
9 Chambers, Kendra Oiselle 2:03.77
— Lipsey, Charlene adidas NT

Event 19 Women 1500 Meter Run

1 DeBues-Stafford, Gabriel Nike Bowerman TC 4:10.09
2 Johnson, Sinclaire Nike Bowerman TC 4:10.75
3 Osika, Shannon Nike 4:10.84
4 McGee, Cory New Balance 4:11.90
5 Hiltz, Nikki adidas 4:14.28
6 Vaughn, Sara &mother/Nyac 4:14.59
7 Westaway, Jenna London Western 4:18.87
— Quigley, Colleen Unattached NT
— Schlachtenhaufen, Helen Saucony Freedom TC NT

Event 24 Women 5000 Meter Run

1 Purrier, Elinor New Balance 15:08.61
2 Kelati, Weini Under Armour 15:13.12
3 Norris, Josette Rebook Boston TC 15:19.31
4 Schneider, Rachel Under Armour 15:23.25
5 Coburn, Emma New Balance 15:24.76
6 Galvan, Laura Hoka 15:28.20
7 Lokedi, Sharon Under Armour 15:30.98
8 Staehli, Julie-Anne Physi-Kult RG 15:32.46
9 Lipari, Emily adidas 15:42.73
10 Montoya, Maggie Roots Runnin 15:52.47
11 Kemp, Erika Baa 15:58.87
12 Fulton, Eleanor Unattached 16:06.81
— Cash, Alli Oiselle Volee NT

Event 25 Women 10000 Meter Run

1 Klosterhalfen, Konstanze Nike 31:01.71
2 D’Amato, Keira Nike 32:16.82
3 Degefa, Biruktayit adidas 32:19.31
4 Durgin, Emily Under Armour 32:41.46
5 Morley, Makena Asics 33:05.16
6 Limon, Andrea Jonnatan Morales 33:16.68
7 Nukuri, Diane Asics 33:30.70
8 Flanagan, Lindsay Asics 33:44.04
— Coogan, Katrina New Balance NT
— Pagano, Sarah adidas/Golde NT
— Keiffer, Allie Unattached NT
— Gesabwa, Risper Fmaa NT
— Marchant, Lanni Under Armour NT
— Everson, Hannah Air Force Wcap NT
— Thweatt, Laura Team Boss SCR

Event 23 Men 5000 Meter Run

1 Ferlic, Mason Unattached 13:25.92
2 Bor, Hillary Hoka 13:26.74
3 Simbassa, Biya Unattached 13:27.70
4 Erassa, Kirubel Hoka 13:34.52
5 Fink, Willy Under Armour 13:42.69
6 Flanagan, Ben Rebook Boston TC 13:44.87
7 Thorwirth, Maximilian Sfd`75 Duess 13:53.35
8 Lumb, Kieran Tracksmith 13:57.80
— Tessema, Josef Unattached NT
— Avila, Eric adidas NT
— Hill, Ryan Hoka NT
— McDonald, Morgan Under Armour SCR
— H oare, Oliver On Athletics Club SCR
— Klecker, Joe On Athletics Club SCR
— West, James Unattached SCR

Event 26 Men 10000 Meter Run

1 Talbi, Zouhair Oklahoma Cit 28:12.41
2 Tuemay Weldlibanos, Tseg Unattached 28:46.71
3 Chelanga, Sam 7th Sfg(A) 28:57.73
4 Eidenschink, Benjamin Unattached 28:58.23
5 Maggard, Dillon Hoka 29:48.56
6 Linkletter, Rory Hoka/Naz Elite 30:24.26
— Parrish, Mark Unattached NT
— Huxham, Fred Fred TC NT
— Winter, Connor Tinman Elite NT
— Fischer, Reed adidas / Tin NT
— Reniewicki, John Under Armour NT
— Guillorel, Arsene Thunder Road NT
— Anderson, Tom Club Northwest NT

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