AUSTIN, TX — Competition at the 2021 Texas Relays will switch gears on Saturday when the Elite athletes join the collegiate stars on the Day 3 schedule. Remember that even though fans have been restricted to attend the meeting, you can still follow the action live online with the Longhorn Network providing the streaming. WatchESPN.com and the ESPN App will also provide access to the event for those using smart devices and other high-end mobile and table streaming devices.

The third day of competition at the 2021 Texas Relays will begin with the women’s discus throw ‘B’ final at 11:00 a.m. ET and followed by the women’s high jump final at 11:30 a.m.

The women’s pole vault final at 3:00 p.m. will be the first event involving the Elite athletes as Olympic silver medalist Sandi Morris of USA will make her 2021 outdoor debut.

Action on the track will also begin at 3:00 with the Clyde Littlefield Men’s 4x100m relay final, followed by the Carlette Guidry women’s 4x100m final at 3:03. The likes of LSU, Texas A&M, Houston and North Carolina A&T will lead the way on the men’s side, while the women’s top teams include North Carolina A&T, Arkansas, Texas and LSU.

LSU stars Tonea Marshall and Damion Thomas will start as the ones to beat in the women’s and men’s sprint hurdles, which get underway at 3:25, while Benjamin Azamati of West Texas A&M who ran a world-leading 9.97 seconds in the heats on Friday, will go in search of the men’s 100m title at 3:41.

Elsewhere on Saturday’s third and final day, Shamier Little will open her outdoor campaign in the women’s 400m Invitational, while Jenna Prandini, Gabrielle Thomas, and Kendra Harrison will battle in the women’s 200m Invitational. The meeting will close out with the Sanya Richards-Ross women’s 4×400 at 6:00 and the Cleburne Price Jr. men’s 4×400 at 6:15.

2021 Texas Relays Day 3 Schedule

Women’s Discus Throw ‘B’ Final 11:00 AM
Women’s High Jump ‘A’ Final 11:30 AM
Women’s Triple Jump ‘B’ Final 12:00 PM
Men’s Triple Jump ‘B’ Final 12:00 PM
Men’s Discus Throw ‘B’ Final 2:00 PM
Women’s Pole Vault Elite Final 3:00 PM
Clyde Littlefield Men’s 4x100m relay Final 3:00 PM
Carlette Guidry Women’s 4x100m relay Final 3:03 PM
Women’s 4x1004x100m relay Final 3:06 PM
Men’s 4x100m relay Final 3:08 PM
Women’s 4x100m relay Invitational Final 3:10 PM
Men’s 4x100m relay Invitational Final 3:12 PM
Women’s 100m Hurdles Final 3:15 PM
Women’s 100m Hurdles Invitational Final 3:20 PM
Men’s 110m Hurdles Final 3:25 PM
Men’s 110m Hurdles Invitational Final 3:30 PM
Women’s 100m Final 3:35 PM
Women’s 100m Invitational Final 3:38 PM
Men’s 100m Final 3:41 PM
Men’s 100m Invitational Final 3:44 PM
Men’s High Jump ‘A’ Final 3:45 PM
Women’s 800m Final 3:50 PM
Men’s 800m Final 3:55 PM
Women’s Triple Jump ‘A’ Final 4:00 PM
Men’s Triple Jump ‘A’ Final 4:00 PM
Women’s 800m Invitational Final 4:00 PM
Men’s 800m Invitational Final 4:05 PM
Women’s 400m Final 4:15 PM
Women’s 400m Invitational Final 4:19 PM
Men’s 400m Final 4:23 PM
Men’s 400m Invitational Final 4:27 PM
Women’s Shot Put ‘A’ Final 4:30 PM
Men’s Shot Put ‘A’ Final 4:30 PM
Women’s 400m Hurdles Final 4:35 PM
Women’s 400m Hurdles Invitational Final 4:38 PM
Men’s 400m Hurdles Final 4:43 PM
Men’s 400m Hurdles Invitational Final 4:48 PM
Women’s 200m Final 4:55 PM
Women’s 200m Invitational Final 5:00 PM
Men’s Pole Vault Elite Final 5:00 PM
Men’s 200m Final 5:05 PM
Men’s 200m Invitational Final 5:10 PM
Women’s 4×400 Invitational Final 5:20 PM
Men’s 4×400 Invitational Final 5:30 PM
Men’s 4×400 Final 5:40 PM
Women’s 4×400 Final 5:50 PM
Sanya Richards-Ross Women’s 4×400 Final 6:00 PM
Cleburne Price Jr. Men’s 4×400 Final 6:15 PM

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