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Drake Relays Heat Sheets, Live Stream And Schedule: Day 2

Here are the heat sheets, live streaming, and schedule for Friday’s Day 2 at the 2021 Drake Relays, as the competition continues heading into the weekend.

Here are the heat sheets, live streaming, and schedule for Friday’s Day 2 at the 2021 Drake Relays, as the competition continues heading into the weekend. The three-day meeting will again be live-streamed on with live results and updates also available online. Click Here For the Heat Sheets For Friday – April 23


Live stream on Friday will begin at 10:30 am ET with the college men’s Javelin Throw, with the women’s Discus Throw and college men’s Long Jump also slated to go off at the same time. The running events will start at 10:00 am ET with the college women’s 5000m run with the men’s race going off at 10:18. The college women’s 4×800 is slated for 10:34 am and the men’s race will go off five minutes later.

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Meanwhile, the college women’s 100m heats will take place at 11:23 am, the men’s heats will go off at 11:33 am, while the women’s 100m hurdles is scheduled for 11:43 am and the men’s 110m hurdles preliminaries round set for 11:55 am. Elsewhere, the college women’s 400m final will begin at 12:07 pm and the men’s race go off at 12:16 pm.

Also on the list of events on the schedule for Friday are the college women’s and men’s 4×100, as well as the university women’s and men’s 200m.

2021 Drake Relays Schedule

Friday Morning, April 23, 2021
9:00 a.m. 5000m CD, Women, Final
9:18 a.m. 5000m CD, Men, Final
9:34 a.m. 4 X 800m CD, Women, Final
9:48 a.m. 4 X 800m CD, Men, Final
9:59 a.m. 1500m CD, Women, Final
10:11 a.m. 1500m CD, Men, Final
10:23 a.m. 100m CD, Women, Prelim
10:33 a.m. 100m CD, Men, Prelim
10:43 a.m. 100m Hurdles CD, Women, Prelim
10:55 a.m. 110m Hurdles CD, Men, Prelim
11:07 a.m. 400m CD, Women, Final
11:16 a.m. 400m CD, Men, Final
11:24 a.m. Sprint Medley CD, Women, Final
11:43 a.m. Sprint Medley CD, Men, Final
11:59 a.m. 4 X 100m CD, Women, Prelim
12:14 p.m. 4 X 100m CD, Men, Prelim
12:29 p.m. Officials Break
Field Events

8:30 a.m. Javelin CD, Men, Final
8:30 a.m. Discus CD, Women, Final
8:30 a.m. Long Jump CD, Men, Final
9:30 a.m. Pole Vault CD, Women, Final
10:00 a.m. High Jump CD, Men, Final
10:15 a.m. Long Jump CD, Women, Final
10:15 a.m. Javelin CD, Women, Final
10:15 a.m. Discus CD, Men, Final

Friday Afternoon, April 23, 2021
2:00 p.m. 200m UD, Women, Final
2:09 p.m. 200m UD, Men, Final
2:18 p.m. Sprint Medley UD, Women, Final
2:28 p.m. Sprint Medley UD, Men, Final
2:34 p.m. 4 x 1600m UD, Women, Final
2:57 p.m. 4 x 1600m UD, Men, Final
3:20 p.m. 100m Hurdles UD, Women, Prelim
3:32 p.m. 110m Hurdles UD, Men, Prelim

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3:44 p.m. 110m HurdlesJourney to Gold, Men, Prelim
3:50 p.m. 4 X 100m UD, Women, Prelim
4:01 p.m. 4 X 100m UD, Men, Prelim
4:15 p.m. 400m Hurdles UD, Women, Final
4:26 p.m. 400m Hurdles UD, Men, Final
4:40 p.m. Paralympic 100m Ambulatory, Men, Final
4:45 p.m. 100m UD, Women, Prelim
4:56 p.m. 100m UD, Men, Prelim
5:07 p.m. 4 X 200m UD, Women, Final
5:17 p.m. 4 X 200m UD, Men, Final
5:27 p.m. 400m UD, Women, Final
5:37 p.m. 400m UD, Men, Final
5:47 p.m. 4 X 800m UD, Women, Final
5:58 p.m. 4 X 800m UD, Men, Final
6:10 p.m. 1500m UD, Women, Final
6:19 p.m. 1500m UD, Men, Final
6:27 p.m. 3000m Steeple Journey to Gold, Women, Final
6:40 p.m. 5000m Journey to Gold, Men, Final

6:55 p.m. SESSION ENDS
Field Events
1:30 p.m. Triple Jump UD, Women, Final
1:45 p.m. Pole Vault UD, Men, Final
1:45 p.m. Shot Put UD, Men, Final
2:00 p.m. Discus UD, Women, Final
2:15 p.m. High Jump UD, Women, Final
3:00 p.m. Javelin UD, Men, Final
3:30 p.m. Long Jump UD, Men, Final
4:00 p.m. Discus UD, Men, Final
4:15 p.m. Pole Vault UD, Women, Final
5:00 p.m. Shot Put UD, Women, Final
5:30 p.m. Long Jump UD, Women, Final

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