You can watch the live streaming broadcast of the 2021 Bryan Clay Invitational, which will be hosted by Azusa Pacific in California. The two-day meeting will take place on Friday, April 16, and Saturday, April 17 and FloTrack will be providing the live stream. | WATCH (FLOTRACK) | LIVE RESULTS.

How Are Competing At The 2021 Bryan Clay Invitational

The meeting will feature several elite and college and university athletes who will be hoping to test their sharpness in the early outdoor season. Among the schools joining the host Azusa Pacific are Biola University, Fresno Pacific, Vanguard, Point Loma, Concordia (Cal.), San Francisco, and UC Riverside.

Several elite athletes from the United States and Brazil will also be in action at the event, as they seek to hit respective qualifying standards for the delayed 2020 Olympic Games, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan later this year.

Events And Times

Friday’s schedule will feature several qualifying heats, including the men’s and women’s 100m, 200, 400m, and the sprint hurdles. The live FloTrack streaming coverage is expected to begin with the first event of the meeting, which will get underway at 10:00 am / 1:00 pm ET, with the women’s and men’s Hammer Throw.

The 4x100m relay events will open the running events at 3:00 pm / 6:00 pm ET and this will be followed by the heats of the sprinting events. The Middle and long-distance schedule will get underway at 7:00 pm local time with the 800m, followed by the 3000m and 5000m.

Live streaming is slated to begin at 1:00 pm / 4:00 pm ET on Saturday’s second day with the men’s and women’s high jump, pole vault and triple jump.

Among the featured elite athletes listed to compete at the 2021 Bryan Clay Invitational are Americans Sydney McLaughlin, the silver medalist in the 400m hurdles at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, Candace Hill, Paralympic medalist Blake Leeper, and Ameer Webb, as well as Brazilians Rosangela Santos, Felipe Dos Santos, and Rodrigo Do Nascimento, among others.

2021 Bryan Clay Invitational Schedule

Friday, April 16th
Running Event Schedule


3:00 PM 4 x 100 FINAL women
3:10 PM 4 x 100 FINAL men
3:30 PM 100 H prelims women
3:50 PM 110 H prelims men
4:00 PM 400M prelims women
4:15 PM 400M prelims men
4:30 PM 100M prelims women
4:45 PM 100M prelims men
5:00 PM 400M hurdles prelims women
5:10 PM 400M hurdles prelims men
5:20 PM 200M prelims women
5:40 PM 200M prelims men

DISTANCE EVENTS will run slow to fast, alternating between women and men

7:00 PM W 800M Heat 7
7:04 PM W 800M Heat 6
7:08 PM M 800M Heat 6
7:12 PM W 800M Heat 5
7:16 PM M 800M Heat 5
7:20 PM W 800M Heat 4
7:24 PM M 800M Heat 4
7:28 PM W 800M Heat 3
7:32 PM M 800M Heat 3
7:36 PM W 800M Heat 2
7:40 PM M 800M Heat 2
7:44 PM W 800M Heat 1
7:48 PM M 800M Heat 1
8:00 PM W 3000M Steeple Chase Heat 1
8:20 PM M 3000M Steeple Chase Heat 1
8:35 PM W 5000M Heat 3
9:00 PM M 5000M Heat 3
9:20 PM W 5000M Heat 2
9:40 PM M 5000M Heat 2
9:57 PM W 5000M Heat 1
10:15 PM M 5000M Heat 1


10:00 am Women’s Hammer
-Men to follow

10:00 PM men’s javelin
-Women to follow

1:30 PM Women’s Discus
-Men to follow

1:30 PM Men’s Shotput
-Women to follow


1:30 PM Women’s Long Jump
-men to follow

Saturday, April 17th
Running Event Schedule


3:00 PM 100 H FINAL women
3:10 PM 110 H FINAL men
3:20 PM 400M FINAL women
3:25 PM 400M FINAL men
3:30 PM 100M FINAL women
3:35 PM 100M FINAL men
3:40 PM 400M H FINAL women
3:50 PM 400M H FINAL men
4:00 PM 200M FINAL women
4:05 PM 200M FINAL men
4:15 PM 2021 Senior Tribute and 2020 Alumni
4:40 PM 4 x 400 FINAL women
4:50 PM 4 x 400 FINAL men


7:00 PM M 1500M Heat 7
7:08 PM M 1500M Heat 6
7:16 PM W 1500M Heat 5
7:24 PM M 1500M Heat 5
7:32 PM W 1500M Heat 4
7:40 PM M 1500M Heat 4
7:48 PM W 1500M Heat 3
7:56 PM M 1500M Heat 3
8:04 PM W 1500M Heat 2
8:12 PM M 1500M Heat 2
8:20 PM W 1500M Heat 1
8:28 PM M 1500M Heat 1
8:40 PM M 10000M Heat 2
9:15 PM W 10000M Heat 1
9:57 PM M 10000M Heat 1


1:00 PM Men’s High Jump
-women to follow

1:00 PM Men’s pole vault
-women to follow

1:00 PM Women’s Triple Jump
-men to follow

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