The following is the World Athletics Relays Silesia21 event schedule and times for the meeting, which takes place in Chorzow, Poland, from May 1 to 2. While several teams, including Canada, have pulled out of the meet, others will be using the event to meet the qualifying standards for the Tokyo Olympics later this summer.

Action on the first day will be on Saturday, May 1, with the mix shuttle hurdles relay heats leading things off. The 4x400m relays heats for women and men will follow before the exciting heats of the 4x100m races.

Only two finals are slated to take place on Saturday’s first day, which are the mixed 2x2x400m relay and the shuttle hurdles relay.

Day 2 competition will start with the women’s 4x200m heats before the men’s race follow 25 minutes afterward. There are seven finals listed on the schedule for Sunday’s second day and they are all expected to be exciting, despite a number of the top teams deciding not to travel to Poland.

Notable countries withdrawing from the World Athletics Relays Silesia21 are Jamaica, the United States, Australia, Canada, and Trinidad and Tobago, due to concerns over the global COVID-19 spike across Europe and other risk associated with traveling and returning to their respective training camps.

Live streaming of the World Athletics Relays Silesia21 will be on the World Athletics YouTube Page. A list of all the TV broadcasters and streaming platforms will be available at some time during the week.

World Athletics Relays Silesia21 Event Schedule


18:30 X Shuttle Hurdles Relay Heats
19:00 W 4×400 Metres Relay Heats
19:35 M 4×400 Metres Relay Heats
20:08 W 4×100 Metres Relay Heats
20:39 M 4×100 Metres Relay Heats
21:08 X 2x2x400 Metres Relay Final
21:22 X 4×400 Metres Relay Heats
21:58 X Shuttle Hurdles Relay Final


18:30 W 4×200 Metres Relay Heats
18:55 M 4×200 Metres Relay Heats
19:20 X 4×400 Metres Relay Final
19:35 M 4×100 Metres Relay Final
19:46 W 4×100 Metres Relay Final
19:59 W 4×200 Metres Relay Final
20:13 M 4×200 Metres Relay Final
20:26 W 4×400 Metres Relay Final
20:42 M 4×400 Metres Relay Final

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