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Day One: ISSA Boys & Girls Champs 2021 Schedule

The schedule, live streaming, and live results for Day One of the ISSA Boys and Girls Champs 2021 on Tuesday, May 11.

National Stadium in Kingston will host Champs 2021

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The schedule, live streaming, and live results for Day One of the ISSA Boys and Girls Champs 2021 on Tuesday, May 11. The five-day championships will be expected to be exciting from the first day and fans all across the globe can watch, listen and follow all the action using several options.

There are 16 finals slated for Tuesday’s first day so there will a lot of points up for grabs with Edwin Allen and Kingston College (KC) starting as the defending champions for the girls and boys. Who will win Champs 2021?

Day one competition will begin at 9:00 am CT / 10:00 am ET with the final of the girls’ Steeplechase while the boys’ race will take place at 9:15 am. Hitz 92FMPower 106, and KLAS Sports Radio, TVJ, and the TVJ Sports Network will provide live television and radio coverage over the five days.

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How To Watch And Listen Champs 2021 LIVE!

The action will continue on the track with the semi-final rounds of the sprint hurdles. The Class 4 girls will open competition over the barriers at 9:45 am with the 70m hurdles, followed by the 80m hurdles for Class 3 girls before the full home straight will be utilized for the 100m hurdles and 110m hurdles for Classes Two and One on both sides.

Also at 9:45 am, the class one girls’ high jump final with the 200 meters heats starting at 2:00 pm.

ISSA Boys & Girls Champs 2021 Schedule Day One

Time Event Class Gender Status

9:00AM Steeplechase Open Girls Final
9:15AM Steeplechase Open Boys Final

9:45AM 70 M Hurdles 4 Girls Semis
9:45AM High Jump 1 Girls Final
10:15AM 80 M Hurdles 3 Girls Semis
10:30AM 100 M Hurdles 2 Girls Semis
10:30AM Javelin Open Boys Final
10:50AM 100M Hurdles 1 Girls Semis
11:00AM 100M Hurdles 3 Boys Semis
11:10AM 110M Hurdles 2 Boys Semis
11:20AM 110M Hurdles 1 Boys Semis
11:20AM Long Jump 3 Girls Final
11::35AM Discus Throw 3 Girls Final

2:00PM 200M 4 Girls Prelim
2:10PM 200M 3 Girls Prelim
2:10PM Shot Put 2 Girls Final
2:20PM 200M 3 Boys Prelim
2:30PM 200M 2 Girls Prelim
2:40PM 200M 2 Boys Prelim
2:40PM High Jump 3 Girls Final
2:50PM 200M 1 Girls Prelim
3:00PM 200M 1 Boys Prelim
3:00PM Long Jump 1 Boys Final
4:35PM 70 M Hurdles 4 Girls Final
4:50PM 80M Hurdles 3 Girls Final
5:05PM 100M Hurdles 2 Girls Final
5:15PM 100M Hurdles 1 Girls Final
5:25PM 100M Hurdles 3 Boys Final
5:35PM 110M Hurdles 2 Boys Final
5:45PM 110M Hurdles 1 Boys Final

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