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How to watch and follow ‘The Track Meet’: May 14-15

The Pro Track Series gets underway with “The Track Meet” in California on May 14-15 and you can watch the coverage live online! Follow the live stream.

The 2021 Pro Track Series will get underway this weekend with the opening meeting – “The Track Meet” – which takes place in California on Friday, May 14, and Saturday, May 15. There will be an option to watch live streaming of the event, while live results will also be available to the fans to follow. WATCH LIVE

Saturday’s portion of the event will be live on ESPN from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm PST (2:00 pm to 3:30 pm ET) and this will include the women’s 400m hurdles, men’s and women’s 800m (top heat), men’s 100m, women’s 100m, the 1500m (top heat), women’s 400m, 100m and 110m sprint hurdles, as well as the women’s Long Jump and the men’s Shot Put.

Meanwhile, fans will be asked to pay a small fee to watch the “extended coverage” of the meet, with the funds collected being used to help with covering the cost of production and to help with the expense of paying the athletes who will be competing. Prize Money for Top 5 in each event is as follow: $1000-$600-$400-$300-$200.

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Friday’s competition will be dedicated to long-distance running, with the women’s and men’s 10,000m races will each split into two separate categories. The “Under the Lights” coverage will run from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm PST (10:00 pm to 1:00 am ET).

The first night will see the first race of the 10,000m (Women’s 32:25) going off at 7:30 pm PST and this will be followed by the men’s 10,000m (Men’s 28:15) for that same category. The two races, which are expected to be faster, will begin at 8:50 pm PST – 10,000m (Women’s 31:25) and 9:30 pm PST – 10,000m (Men’s 27:25).

Saturday’s “extended coverage” will consist of events such as the 800m, 1500m and 5000m.

Among some of the highlighted athletes competing at the meeting are Brittney Reese, Rhonda Whyte, Sparkle McKnight, , Divine Oduduru, Cameron Burrell, Kate Grace, Holly Archer, Emma Coburn, Melissa Bishop-Nriagu, Brenda Martinez, Hanna Green, Laura Muir, Ellie Purrier, Omar McLeod and Hannah Cunliffe.

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American Track League Meeting Schedule

Friday, May 14

7:30 PM1 – 10,000m (Women’s 32:25)

8:10 PM – 10,000m (Men’s 28:15)

8:50 PM – 10,000m (Women’s 31:25)

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9:30 PM – 10,000m (Men’s 27:25)

Saturday, May 15th – LIVE on ESPN – 11:00 am-12:30pm PST

Women’s 400m Hurdles, M/W 800m (top heat), Men’s 100m, Women’s 100m, M/W 1500m (top heat), M Shot Put, 100/110 Hurdles, W 400m, W Long Jump

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Saturday, May 15

6:40 PM – HS Girl’s Mile

6:50 PM – HS Boy’s Mile

7:00 PM – 800m (Women’s Heat 4)

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7:07 PM – 800m (Women’s Heat 3)

7:15 PM – 800m (Men’s Heat 3)

7:23 PM – 800m (Women’s Heat 2)

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7:31 PM – 800m (Men’s Heat 2)

7:40 PM – 1500m (Women’s Heat 3)

7:50 PM – 1500m (Men’s Heat 3)

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8:00 PM – 1500m (Women’s Heat 2)

8:10 PM – 1500m (Men’s Heat 2)

8:25 PM – 5000m (Women’s Heat 1)

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8:50 PM – 5000m (Men’s Heat 1

9:15 PM – 5000m (Women’s Heat 2)

9:40 PM – 5000m (Men’s Heat 2)

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Simone Goss has been with World-Track since 2003 and has done outstanding work at the back end to help out with traveling and other meeting related activities. Goss has also done work for SportingEagles, Blaze News and other media outlets.

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