How to watch the Sound Running and Trials of Miles

The Sound Running and Trials of Miles will be hosting the biggest cross country event of the season at the historic Mt. Sac Cross Country Course on Saturday (4) in Walnut California, and you can watch a live streaming broadcast online.

This year’s meet will be streamed live here, so click on the link to follow all the action. Please note that fans will be asked to pay a one-time fee of $5.99 for the Championship pro-level races as well as the open races, which will be used to help to support those who are running at the meet.

Below is the list of athletes taking part in the respective pro and open races, along with the prize money for selected finishers.

Don’t forget that you can also follow live results and updates of the meet. Click for the RESULTS.

Among the listed runners to watch for at the Sound Running and Trials of Miles this weekend are Benjamin Eidenschink, Reed Fischer, Mason Ferlic, and Drew Hunter on the men’s side, while the likes of Amy Davis, Olivia Pratt, Kathryn Munks, and Allie Buchalski are just a few of the top runners to look out for on the women’s side.

How to follow the Sound Running and Trials of Miles?

2:00 pm – Women’s Pro 
2:00 pm – Open Race 
3:00 pm – Men’s Pro

Saturday, Dec 4

2:00 pm – Women’s PRO 10K / OPEN 10K presented by COROS

Katrina Spratford, Alexis Zeis, Calene Morris, Amy Davis, Kathryn Munks, Olivia Pratt, Anne-Marie Blaney, Dani Shanahan, Weini Kelati, Sarah Schultz, Allison Goldstein, Lidia Garcia, Claire Roche, Breanna Lytton, Allie Buchalski, Elizar Canchola, Froylan Sanchez, Callum Wilson, Henry Lato, Ben Lundell, Erik Chazin, Jason Quezada, Christian Salas, Kyle Stratton, Robert Perez, Knox Robinson, John Carrell, Andy Tran, Levy Junio, Justin Norris, Joshua McCance, Jessica Hruska, Angela Ibarra, Isaac Abdala, Sean Price, Mario Martinez, Bridget White, Nolan Gross, Jeff Casassa, Peter Kubiniec, Andrew Velasquez, Milca Osorio, Jacob Dinerman, Andrew Lopez, Donovan Jantz, Joey Domanico, Dan Scherb, Chris Arnold, Edgar Avila, Alex Reich

3:00 pm – Men’s PRO 10k presented by Brooks Running

Benjamin Eidenschink, Dillon Maggard, Henry Sterling, Ryan Robinson, Joshua Espinoza, Kyle Medina, Kevin Hoerchler, Ryan Thompson, Koby Pederson, Drew Hunter, Jamaine Coleman, Brian Barraza, Reed Fischer, Joey Berriatua, Cameron Griffith, Zach Panning, Daniel Soto, Abdisamed Abdi, Ben Kendall, Alex Sandusky, Anthony Solis, Mason Ferlic, Evert Silva, Aiden Reed, Zach Hine, Kale Adams, Raul Arcos, Estaban Prado, Peter Cameron, Noble Boutin, Dylan Alexander, Connor Cushman, Logan Pine, Tyler Southwood, Ethan Moengchaisong, Matt Parker, Carter Christman, Jake Willard, Keanan Leary, John Guzman, Thomas Stephens, Eder Pena

5k Fans
Team -$3000
1st Individual – $3000
2nd Individual – $1500
3rd Individual – $1000

7.5k Fans
1st Team -$4000
1st Individual – $4000
2nd Individual – $2000
3rd Individual – $1000
4th Individual – $500

10k Fans
1st Team -$5000
2nd Team – $3000
1st Individual – $5000
2nd Individual – $3000
3rd Individual – $2000
4th Individual – $1000

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