SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Top finishers and recap of the 2021 California International Marathon on Saturday (4) as Brendan Gregg and Sarah Vaughn secure the men’s and women’s respective individual titles in Sacramento, CA.

Gregg, who paced the way for most of the race, covered the opening half marathon in 1:04:58 along with two other runners before taking control afterward to cross the finishing line at 2:11:21.

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“I love coming back here,” Gregg, a graduate of Davis High School and Stanford University said in a statement. “I’ve done other marathons, but I always want to come back and do it at home at the people’s marathon.”

Rory Linkletter, who was 11th at the halfway stage, increased his pace to move up to second place at the 40K mark before holding out for the runner-up spot with 2:12:52. Nick Hauger completed the podium places in third with a time of 2:12:59 and he was followed by Milton Rotich (2:13:16) and Will Nation (2:13:24) in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Meanwhile, Colorado native Sarah Vaughn easily won the women’s race after she crossed the finishing line in 2:26:53.

Molly Grabill finished second with a time of 2:29:17 and was followed by Carrie Dimoff in third place with a time of 2:29:33.

Katja Goldring (2:30:14) and Molly Culver (2:30:20) rounded out the top five finishers on the day in the women’s race.

Gregg and Vaughn, will both take home $10,000 in prize money, plus any performance bonuses for their winning efforts on Sunday.

2021 California International Marathon Top Results

Top men marathon results

1. Brendan Gregg (USA) – 2:11:21
2. Rory Linkletter (USA) – 2:12:52
3. Nick Hauger (USA) – 2:12:59
4. Milton Rotich (USA) – 2:13:16
5. Will Nation (USA) – 2:13:24
6. Tyler McCandless (USA) – 2:14:10
7. JJ Santana (USA) – 2:14:15
8. CJ Albertson (USA) – 2:14:45
9. Travis Morrison (USA) – 2:15:06
10. Caleb Kerr (USA) – 2:15:24

Top women marathon results

1. Sarah Vaughn (USA) – 2:26:53
2. Molly Grabill (USA) – 2:29:17
3. Carrie Dimoff (USA) – 2:29:33
4. Katja Goldring (USA) – 2:30:14
5. Molly Culver (USA) – 2:30:20
6. Marco Klimek (USA) – 2:30:48
7. Brianna Boehmer (USA) – 2:33:20
8. Nina Zarina (USA) – 2:33:22
9. Brittany Moran (CAN) – 2:33:37
10. Hiruni Wijayartne (USA) – 2:34:22

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