The following are the leading results from the 2022 Aramco Houston Half Marathon – World Athletics Elite Label event – which took place in Texas on Sunday (16). It was a good day overall for American runners at the event as a number of records were set, including a pair of American records (one in the women’s marathon).

Vicoty Chepngeno of Kenya dominated the women’s race to not only set a course record for her victory but also ran the fastest half marathon time on American soil.

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USA’s Sara Hall was just as impressive on her way to setting a new American record for the distance as she too enjoyed the ideal conditions for running in Houston.

Chepngeno, who is no stranger to winning after collecting 17 wins in 2019 alone, added another victory on U.S. soil less than two months after running 1:07:22 in Philadelphia.

On Sunday, the 28-year-old who admitted that she was surprised by her time, improved her PB to 1:05:03 as she raced to the top of the chart for the fastest-ever women’s half marathon on North American soil.

The winning time placed her 11th on the all-time list.

Meanwhile, Hall followed home a couple of minutes later when she stopped the clock at 1:07:15 to take 10 seconds off the previous American record of 1:07:25 which was set by Molly Huddle on the same course in 2018.

South Africa’s Dominique Scott was third with 1:07:18, followed by USA’s Fiona O’Keeffe (1:07:42), Great Britain’s Jessica Judd (1:07:52) and USA’s Emily Durgin (1:07:54).

It was a good day for the home runners as Keira D’Amato smashed the women’s American marathon record when running 2:19:12 to secure the 2022 Chevron Houston Marathon crown.

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2022 Aramco Houston Half Marathon Leading Results

Top results women half marathon

1. Vicoty Chepngeno (KEN) – 1:05:03
2. Sara Hall (USA) – 1:07:15
3.Dominique Scott (RSA) – 1:07:32
4. Finona O’Keeffe (USA) – 1:07:42
5. Jessica Judd (GBR) – 1:07:52
6. Emily Durgin (USA) – 1:07:54
7. Caren Mayo (GBR) – 1:08:41
8. Dakotah (Lindwurm (USA)  – 1:09:36
9. Nell Rojas (USA) – 1:09:42
10. Annie Frisbie (USA)  – 1:10:27

Top results men half marathon

1. Milkesa Tolosa (ETH) – 1:00:24
2. John Korir (KEN) – 1:00:27
3. Wilfred Kimitei (GBR) – 1:00:44
4. Kirubel Erassa (USA) – 1:00:44
5. Shadrack Kimining (KEN) – 1:00:53
6.Patrick Tiernan (AUS) – 1:00:55
7. Biya Simbassa (USA) – 1:01:03
8. Rory Linkletter (CAN) – 1:01:08
9. Sydney Gidabuday (USA) – 1:01:09
10. Scott Fauble (USA) – 1:01:11

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