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Day one results: Sun Belt Conference Indoor Championships

Results from finals and the team score standings on day one at the 2022 Sun Belt Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships at the Birmingham CrossPlex here in Birmingham, Ala. Five records were lowered on Day One. Arkansas State men’s and women’s lead the team scoring at bedtime on Monday night (21).

Alyssa Wilson_2022_Sun_Belt_Indoor_Championships
Alyssa Wilson of Texas State in action

Results from the first day of competition at the 2022 Sun Belt Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships at the Birmingham CrossPlex here in Birmingham, Ala. A total of five records were broken on Day One, while Arkansas State men’s and women’s lead the team scoring at bedtime on Monday night (21).

After five finals, Arkansas State leads the men’s team scoring with 58 points. South Alabama sits in second place with 47pts, and is followed by Louisiana in third with 25pts.

The Red Wolves also head the team score standings on the women side after tallying charted 41 points from five events to lead second place Texas State on 32pts points, and Louisiana with 23pts.

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Melissa Jefferson, Coastal Carolina (60m), Alyssa Wilson, Texas State (weight throw), Joel Bengtsson, UTA (60m hurdles), Kirami Yego, South Alabama (5,000m) and Lucas Van Klaveren, UTA; Chandler Mixon, Louisiana and Ben Collerton, Texas State [7.09m/23-3.25] (heptathlon long jump) were the record-breaks on the day.

Information from the Sun Belt website. Visit here for more information.

2022 Sun Belt Indoor Championships

Monday, Feb. 21, 2022 – Updated

Men’s Team Scores (through five events):
1. Arkansas State (58)
2. South Alabama (47)
3. Louisiana (25)
4. Texas State (23)
T5. Little Rock (14)
T5. UTA (14)
7. ULM (13)

Women’s Team Scores (through five events): 
1. Arkansas State (41)
2. Texas State (32)
3. Louisiana (23)
4. UTA (22)
5. App State (20)
6. ULM (16)
7. Georgia State (14)
T8. South Alabama (10)
T8. Troy (10)
10. Coastal Carolina (3)
T11. Little Rock (2)
T11. Georgia Southern (2)

Final Results

Men’s Weight Throw Final (Top-Eight Finishers)

1. Francois Prinsloo (USA), 19.54m/64-1.25; 2. Aimar Palma Simo (ARST), 18.49m/60-8; 3. Jakob Fudge (ULM), 18.03m/59-2; 4. Tyren Hannah (UL), 17.45m/57-3; 5. Isaiah Parker (LR), 16.86m/55-3.75; 6. James Noles (TXST), 16.39m/53-9.25; 7. Callan Saldutto (ULM), 16.32m/53-6.50; 8. Jacob Tracy (ARST), 16.15m/53-0. 

Women’s Long Jump Final (Top-Eight Finishers)
1. Anaya Washington (TXST), 6.21m/20-4.50; 2. Peighton Simmons (APP), 6.10m/20-0.25; 3. Shemia Odaine (UL), 6.02m/19-9; 4. Jade Bontke (UTA), 5.95m/19-6.25; 5. Jaeda Hunt (GSU), 5.95m/19-6.25; 6. Mathilde Canet (TXST), 5.94m/19-6; 7. Taylor Smith (APP), 5.87m/19-3.25; 8. Eunice Ilunga Mbuyi (ULM), 5.83m/19-1.50. 

Women’s Weight Throw Final (Top-Eight Finishers)
1. Alyssa Wilson (TXST), 21.65m/71-0.50; 2. Brianna Sam (ULM), 20.58m/67-6.25; 3. Chastery Fuamatu (ARST), 19.41m/63-8.25; 4. Grace Flowers (ARST), 19.03m/62-5.25; 5. Abigail Flores (UTA), 17.72m/58-1.75; 6. Hannah Blood (ULM), 17.60m/57-9; 7. Mia Dunning (LR), 17.53m/57-6.25; 8. Zayna Fray-Samuel (CCU), 17.29m/56-8.75. 

Women’s High Jump Final (Top-Eight Finishers)
1. Maja Kuessner (TROY), 1.78m/5-10; 2. Katherine Stuckly (TXST), 1.78m./5-10; 3. Jade Bontke (UTA), 1.78m/5-10; 4. Sydney Lane (ARST), 1.72m/5-7.75; 5. Kiara Risher (USA), 1.72m/5-7.75; 6. Camryn Newton-Smith (ARST), 1.69m/5-6.50; 7. Taylor Davis (UL), 1.69m/5-6.50; 8. Tina Douglas (TXST), 1.69m/5-6.50.

Men’s Long Jump Final (Top-Eight Finishers)
1. Carter Shell (ARST), 7.79m/25-6.75; 2. Courtney Thomas (ARST), 7.56m/24-9.75; 3. Ryan Curington (LR), 7.42m/24-4.25; 4. Ronnie Briscoe, Jr. (TXST), 7.41m/24-3.75; 5. Bryson DeBerry (UTA), 7.27m/23-10.25; 6. Obdarius Ware (UL), 7.22m/23-8.25; 7. Rylan Theyard (UL), 7.05m/23-1.75; 8. John Joseph (UL), 6.95m/22-9.75. 

Men’s Pole Vault Final (Top-Eight Finishers)
1. Kyle Rademeyer (USA) 5.37m/17-7.25; 2. Bradley Jelmert (ARST), 5.17m/16-11.50; 3. Chandler Mixon (UL), 5.02m/16-5.50; 4. Noah Mumme (USA), 5.02m/16-5.50; 5. Simon Thor (TXST) 5.02m/16-5.50; 6. Levi Arroyo (USA), 4.87m/15-11.75; 7. Trace South (ARST), 4.87m/15-11.75; 8. Hunter Johnson (LR) 4.72m/15-5.75. 

Women’s 5,000-Meter Run Final (Top-Eight Finishers)
1. Sophie Daigle (UL), 16:52.88; 2. Sophie Leathers (ARST), 16:57.23; 3. Sarah Trammel (ARST) 17:02.43; 4. Adele Magaud (USA), 17:21.34; 5. Charlotte Murphy (UTA), 17:56.82; 6. Macki Walsh (APP), 18:03.52; 7. Meagan Moreno (CCU), 18:09.54; 8. Riley Roach (APP), 18:15.87. 

Men’s 5,000-Meter Run Final (Top-Eight Finishers)
1. Kirami Yego (USA), 14:05.26; 2. Kwanele Mthembu (TXST), 14:23.20; 3. Jacob Pyeatt (ARST), 14:31.48; 4. Onesmus Kemboi (USA), 14:32.76; 5. Grayson Young (ARST), 14:38.63; 6. Dawson Mayberry (ARST), 14:52.22; 7. Nathan Herbst (ARST), 14:53.33; 8. Spencer Cardinal (LR), 15:01.12. 

Women’s Distance Medley Relay Final
1. Georgia State, 11:56.51; 2. Arkansas State, 11:56.79; 3. App State, 11:59.98; 4. Louisiana, 12:08.89; 5. ULM, 12:14.06; 6. UTA, 12:17.77; 7. Georgia Southern, 12:24.00; 8. South Alabama, 12:32.13; 9. Troy, 12:34.96; 10. Coastal Carolina, 12:38.55; 11. Little Rock, 12:43.13; 12. Texas State, 13:26.71. 

Men’s Distance Medley Relay Final
1. UTA, 10:07.06; 2. Louisiana, 10:07.35; 3. Arkansas State, 10:09.64; 4. ULM, 10:09.67; 5. South Alabama, 10:14.10; 6. Texas State, 10:15.00; 7. Little Rock, 10:53.20. 

Men’s Heptathlon – First Four Events
1 .Ben Collerton (TXST), 3,252; 2. Lucas Van Klaveren (UTA), 3,168; 3. Sebastian Reyneke (USA), 3,107; 4. Chandler Mixon (UL), 3,016; 5. Brylan Shirley (USA), 2,769; 6. Graham Collins (USA), 2,752; 7. Brady Shadrick (UTA), 2,718; 8. Simon Thor (TXST), 2,693; 9. Jorrdyn Dunn (UTA), 2,691; 10. Ethan Sorrels (LR), 2,650; 11. Bailey Couch (ULM), 2,432; 12. Gavin Jaime (UL), 1,205. 

Meet Records Broken 
Women’s 60-Meter Dash – Melissa Jefferson, Coastal Carolina [7.26]
Women’s Weight Throw – Alyssa Wilson, Texas State [21.65m/71-0.50]
Men’s 60-Meter Hurdles – Joel Bengtsson, UTA [7.81]
Men’s 5,000 Meters – Kirami Yego, South Alabama [14:05.26]
Men’s Heptathlon Long Jump – Lucas Van Klaveren, UTA; Chandler Mixon, Louisiana and Ben Collerton, Texas State [7.09m/23-3.25]

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