When are the Big 12 Indoor track and field championships

The NCAA collegiate postseason will get underway this coming week and fans can brace themselves for a lot of action in the coming days as the quest for places to compete at the NCAA Indoor Championships next month heats up. One of the highlighted conference championships down for this week is the 2022 Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championship.

When are the 2022 Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships?

The 2022 Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships will take place at the Lied Recreation Center in Ames, IA., on Friday (25) and Saturday (26) of February and I am anticipating a lot of excitement as the battle between several on the nation’s top programs now move into the league championships.

How to watch the 2022 Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships?

Live streaming coverage of both days from the meeting will be on BIG 12 NOW via the ESPN+ network. The first day on Friday will be at 11:00 am ET, while Saturday’s action will get going at Noon ET. Live Meet Results

What the schedule looks like?

The action on Friday’s first day will begin with the men’s and women’s combined events. First up at 11:00 am ET will be the women’s Pentathlon 60m hurdles, while the men’s Heptathlon competition will get going an hour later at 12:00 pm ET with the 60m dash.

Open event competitions will begin at 4:00 pm ET with the women’s Weight Throw and Pole Vault, while the first action on the track will start at 4:10 pm with the women’s mile run preliminaries.

Saturday’s second day will begin at 12: 00 pm with the remaining events of the Heptathlon, while at 1:00 pm the women’s High Jump and Shot Put events, as well as the men’s Triple Jump competitions will take the spotlights. Running action on Day Two begins at 2:30 ET with the finals of 60m hurdles.

Who won the Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships in 2021?

Last year, Texas did a rare thing. The Longhorns became the first program since the 2015 season to win both the men’s and women’s team titles when the 2021 Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships were held at Texas Tech’s Sports Performance Center. It was the fourth time Texas swept the Big 12 indoor meet.

Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championships schedule

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25 – FIELD EVENTS                                        
3:00 PM    Weight Throw                        W
3:00 PM    Pole Vault                              W
4:00 PM    Long Jump                            M
6:00 PM    Weight Throw                        M
6:00 PM    Pole Vault                              M
6:30 PM    Long Jump                            W

3:00 PM    800 Meter Run                      W    Pentathlon
3:10 PM    Mile Run                                W    Prelims
3:25 PM    Mile Run                                W    Prelims
3:40 PM    60 Meter Hurdles                   W    Semi
3:50 PM    60 Meter Hurdles                   W    Semi
4:00 PM    60 Meter Dash                       W    Semi
4:10 PM    60 Meter Dash                       M    Semi
4:20 PM    600 Yard Run                        W    Prelims
4:40 PM    600 Yard Run                        M    Prelims
5:00 PM    400 Meter Dash                    W    Prelims
5:20 PM    400 Meter Dash                    M    Prelims
5:40 PM    1,000 Meter Run                   W    Prelims
5:55 PM    1,000 Meter Run                   M    Prelims
6:10 PM    800 Meter Run                      W    Prelims
6:25 PM    800 Meter Run                      M    Prelims
6:40 PM    200 Meter Dash                    W    Prelims
7:00 PM    200 Meter Dash                    M    Prelims
7:20 PM    5,000 Meter Run                   W    Finals
7:45 PM    5,000 Meter Run                   M    Finals
8:10 PM    Distance Medley Relay        W    Finals
8:30 PM    Distance Medley Relay        M    Finals

10:00 AM    60 Meter Hurdles               W    Pentathlon
~10:45 AM    High Jump (2 pits)           W    Pentathlon
11:00 AM    60 Meters                           M    Heptathlon
~11:40 AM    Long Jump                       M    Heptathlon
~12:15 PM    Shot Put (2 rings)            W    Pentathlon
~1:15 PM    Long Jump                        W    Pentathlon
~1:30 PM    Shot Put (2 rings)              M    Heptathlon
~2:30 PM    High Jump (2 pits)            M    Heptathlon
~3:00 PM    800 Meter Run                  W    Pentathlon

12:00 PM    High Jump                        W
12:00 PM    Triple Jump                      M
12:00 PM    Shot Put                           W
3:00 PM    High Jump                          M
3:00 PM    Triple Jump                        W
3:00 PM    Shot Put                            M

1:30 PM    60 Meter Hurdles            W    Finals
1:40 PM    60 Meter Hurdles            M    Finals
1:50 PM    60 Meters                       W    Finals
2:00 PM    60 Meters                       M    Finals
2:10 PM    One Mile Run                 W    Finals
2:20 PM    One Mile Run                 M    Finals
2:30 PM    600 Yard Run                W    Finals
2:40 PM    600 Yard Run                M    Finals
2:50 PM    1,000 Meters                M    Heptathlon
3:00 PM    400 Meters                   W    Finals
3:10 PM    400 Meters                   M    Finals
3:20 PM    1,000 Meters                W    Finals
3:30 PM    1,000 Meters                M    Finals
3:40 PM    800 Meters                   W    Finals
3:50 PM    800 Meters                   M    Finals
4:00 PM    200 Meters                   W    Finals
4:10 PM    200 Meters                   M    Finals
4:20 PM    3,000 Meters                W    Finals
4:45 PM    3,000 Meters                M    Finals
5:10 PM    4×400 Meter Relay       W    Finals
5:25 PM    4×400 Meter Relay        M    Finals

11:00 AM    60 Meter Hurdles        M    Heptathlon
11:45 AM    Pole Vault                   M    Heptathlon
~ 2:50 PM    1,000 Meter Run       M    Heptathlon

~ Approximate Time

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