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Daily schedule, standards and how to watch 2022 Raleigh Relays

How to watch live streaming coverage 2022 Raleigh Relays, as well as the daily schedule and order of events from Thursday, March 24 to Saturday, 26.

2022 Raleigh Relays Live Streaming and schedule

The tentative schedule and minimum entry standard for all field events for the 2022 Raleigh Relays, which take place March 24-26 at Paul Derr Track and Field Facility in North Carolina. Click the link to see the ACCEPTED ENTRIES. You can watch live streaming coverage on ACCNX via ESPN and WatchESPN

The Competition will get underway on Thursday, March 24 at 10:00 am with the pole vault final for women, followed at 10:30 by the men’s javelin throw and women’s shot put finals.

The first track event on the first day will be the 1500m for men at 5:30 pm before the sections of the men’s 5000m take place. Read more: Texas Relays 2022 heptathlon and decathlon fields announced

On Friday the action will begin at 10:00 am with the discus final for women, along with the high jump final for men. Running events start at 2:30 pm with the women’s 100m hurdles.

Saturday’s third and final day will start with the men’s hammer throw final at 10:00 am, while the women’s long jump final will go off at 11:00 am. Live action on the track will get going at 12:00 pm with the 4x100m sprint relay races.


5:30 PM 1500m Sections as needed (approx every 5 min) Men Seeded
6:40 PM 5000m Section 1 Men Seeded
7:00 PM 5000m Section 2 Men Seeded
7:20 PM 5000m Section 3 Men Seeded
7:40 PM 5000m Section 4 Men Seeded
8:00 PM 5000m Section 5 Men Seeded
8:20 PM 5000m Section 6 Men Seeded
8:40 PM 5000m Section 7 Men Seeded
9:00 PM 5000m Section 8 Men Seeded
9:25 PM 10,000m Section 1 Women Seeded
10:05 PM 10,000m Section 2 Women Seeded

10:00 AM Pole Vault Final Women 3.45m – 11′ 3.75″ / 3.70m – 12′ 1.5″
10:30 AM Javelin Final Men 51.83m – 170′ 0″
10:30 AM Shot Put Final Women 12.50m – 41′ .25″
2:15 PM Javelin Final Women 36.58m -120′ 0″
2:00 PM Pole Vault Final Men 4.42m – 14′ 6″ / 4.61m – 15′ 1.5″
2:15 PM Shot Put Final Men 14.63m – 48′ 0″

Implement Inspection
8:00 AM Javelin Men
8:30 AM Shot Put Women
10:00 AM Javelin Women
10:30 AM Shot Put Men


12:30 PM 100mH Timed Sections Women Prelim
1:10 PM 110mH Timed Sections Men Prelim
2:00 PM 100m Timed Sections Women Prelim
2:40 PM 100m Timed Sections Men Prelim
3:15 PM 400m Timed Sections Women Final
4:05 PM 400m Timed Sections Men Final
5:00 PM 1500m Sections as needed (approx every 5 min) Women Seeded
5:50 PM HS 3200m Final Girls Final
6:05 PM HS 3200m FInal Boys Final
6:20 PM 3000m Steeplechase Section 1 Women Seeded
6:35 PM 3000m Steeplechase Section 2 Women Seeded
6:55 AM 3000m Steeplechase Section 1 Men Seeded
7:10 AM 3000m Steeplechase Section 2 Men Seeded
7:25 PM 5000m Section 1 Women Seeded
7:45 PM 5000m Section 2 Women Seeded
8:05 PM 5000m Section 3 Women Seeded
8:25 PM 5000m Section 4 Women Seeded
8:45 PM 5000m Section 5 Women Seeded
9:05 PM 5000m Section 6 Women Seeded
9:30 PM 10,000m Section 1 Men Seeded
10:05 PM 10,000m Section 2 Men Seeded

10:00 AM Discus Final Women 41.15m – 135′
10:00 AM High Jump Final Men 1.93m – 6′ 4″ / 2.00m – 6′ 6.75″
11:00 AM Triple Jump Final Women 11.27m – 37′ 0″
2:00 PM Triple Jump Final Men 14.17m – 46′ 6″
1:00 PM High Jump Final Women 1.57m – 5′ 2″ / 1.63m – 5′ 4.25″
1:30 PM Discus Final Men 44.20m – 145′ 0″

Implement Inspection
7:45 AM Discus Women
9:45 AM Discus Men
12:00 PM Hammer (impounded) Women
12:00 PM Hammer (impounded) Men


12:00 PM 4x100m Timed Sections Women Final
12:20 PM 4x100m Timed Sections Men Final
12:45 PM 800m Timed Sections Women Final
1:30 PM 100mH Final Women Final
1:40 PM 110mH Final Men Final
1:50 PM 100m Final Women Final
1:55 PM 100m Final Men Final
2:05 PM 400mH Timed Sections Women Final
2:45 PM 400mH Timed Sections Men Final
3:25 PM 200m Timed Sections Women Final
4:05 PM 200m Timed Sections Men Final
4:45 PM 800m Timed Sections Men Final
5:30 PM 4x400m Timed Sections Women Final
6:00 PM 4x400m Timed Sections Men Final

10:00 AM Hammer Final Men 45.72m – 150′ 0″
11:00 AM Long Jump Final Women 5.48m – 18′ 0″
2:00 PM Long Jump Final Men 6.70m – 21′ 11.75″
2:00 PM Hammer Final Women 44.21m – 145′ 0″

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