Recap and leading results from the Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2022 on Sunday (13), with Kenya’s Ruth Chepngetich dominating on her return to Japan after a disappointing appearance at the Tokyo Games last summer. Read more: Results from the 2022 Tokyo Marathon; record times by Kipchoge, Kosgei

Chepngetich dominates with solo run at Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2022

On Sunday, Chepngetich clocked the second-fastest ever women-only marathon with 2:17:18 to set a new course record, while securing the top spot in the World Athletics Elite Platinum Label road race to take home a whopping US$250,000 in prize money, the largest first-place total in the world of marathon running, according to the World Athletics.

The world marathon champion who failed to finish at the Olympics in Sapporo, covered the first half of the race in 1:09:03 and the second in 1:08:15 en route to posting her second-best ever time behind her PB of 2:17:08, set in Dubai in 2019, despite running on her own for most of the race.

Israel’s Lonah Chemtai Salpeter, the 2020 Tokyo Marathon winner, also showed good form on Sunday when finishing second in 2:18:45, which is a minute off her national record.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Yuka Ando was third in 2:22:22 and she was followed by her countrywomen Ai Hosoda and Yuka Suzuki who were fourth and fifth, respectively with times of 2:24:26 and 2:25:02.

Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2022 Results

2Lonah Chemtai SALPETERISR2:18:45
3Yuka ANDOJPN2:22:22
4Ai HOSODAJPN2:24:26
5Yuka SUZUKIJPN2:25:02
6Eloise WELLINGSAUS2:25:10
7Ikumi FUKURAJPN2:25:15
8Kotona OTAJPN2:25:56
9Kanako TAKEMOTOJPN2:26:23
10Chiharu SUZUKIJPN2:26:50
11Reia IWADEJPN2:27:03
12Mirai WAKUJPN2:27:16
13Rie KAWAUCHIJPN2:27:52
14Yuma ADACHIJPN2:28:28
15Hikari OHNISHIJPN2:28:56
16Hanae TANAKAJPN2:30:01
17Anna MATSUDAJPN2:30:19
18Nana SATOJPN2:30:19
19Momoko WATANABEJPN2:30:42
20Mayu NISHIKAWAJPN2:31:32
21Haruka YAMAGUCHIJPN2:31:35
22Saki FUKUIJPN2:31:53
23Yuko KIKUCHIJPN2:32:08
24Ayano IKEMITSUJPN2:32:38
25Yuka GITOUJPN2:33:45
26Mao KIYOTAJPN2:34:04
27Tomomi SAWAHATAJPN2:34:46
28Asuka YAMAMOTOJPN2:34:48
29Kaena TAKEYAMAJPN2:35:23
30Ayumi MORITAJPN2:38:01
31Mai FUJISAWAJPN2:39:17
32Chizuru OIJPN2:39:32

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