Watch the Tokyo Marathon 2022 post-race press conference with Kenyan event winners Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei taking the podium to answer questions and outlined their respective plans for the rest of the 2022 season. Read more: Video highlights and photos from the 2022 Tokyo Marathon

On Sunday (6) the world record-holders registered a pair of the fastest marathon races of all time on their way to posting two Japanese all-comers’ records in the first World Athletics Elite Platinum Label road race of the 2022 calendar.

Olympic champion Kipchoge won the men’s race at the Tokyo Marathon 2022 with a time of 2:02:40, the fourth-best ever performance behind his own world record of 2:01:39, which he set in Berlin in 2018.

During his post-race interview, the 37-year-old answered about his intentions to challenge his world record and even the possibilities of cracking the two-hour mark for a marathon.

Kipchoge said: “I am happy to run a course record here in Tokyo, and I always say that I aim for one thing at a time.” Read more: Results from the 2022 Tokyo Marathon; record times by Kipchoge, Kosgei

Watch Eliud Kipchoge sent the wrong way at Tokyo Marathon 2022

“[For] now i’m going back to Kenya to talk with the coaches, talk with the management, talk with my team about the next opportunities and the goals that we are going to set together because we work together as a team and working as a team you don’t make a decision on you own.

“You need to sit at the table and make a firm decision, work on it, [and] implement it. Coming together as a team is the only way to go.”

World record holder Kosgei was also delighted with her performance to win the women’s race, after she recorded a winning time of 2:16:02 on her return to Japan. The 28-year-old finished with the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics in Sapporo last summer.

At the Tokyo Marathon 2022 at the weekend, Kosgei broke the women’s race record, which had been set by Lonah Chemtai Salpeter at 2:17:45 on a slightly different course in 2020.

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