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Brianna Lyston, Clayton twins easily advanced to CHAMPS 2022 100m semis

Brianna Lyston, Tina Clayton and Tia Clayton all won their heats of the Class One girls' 100m on Day 1 at CHAMPS 2022 with easy runs on Tuesday (5).

Tina Clayton of Edwin Allen High in action in the 100m

Title favorites Brianna Lyston, Tina Clayton and Tia Clayton all advanced to the semi-finals of the Class One girls’ 100 meters on the opening day of competition at the ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys and Girls Championships – CHAMPS 2022 on Tuesday, 5 April.

Leading the list of qualifiers, though was Alexis James of Petersfield High who posted a time of 11.72 seconds (-2.1 m/s) on a very windy afternoon inside the National Stadium here in Kingston, Jamaica. READ MORE: How to watch CHAMPS 2022: Day 1 order of events

James was one of only two girls to break 12-seconds in the early rounds, with Shenese Walker of St. Jago High who finished second to her in heat four in 11.87 secs, as she qualified with the second-fastest time on the day.

Meanwhile, standouts sprinter Brianna Lyston of Hydel High cruised into the semi-finals after taking the first heat with a well relaxed 12.01 (-2.3 m/s) ahead of Dayna Thompson of St. Mary High at 12.30.

Tina Clayton of Edwin Allen High followed her in the next heat and she too looked very comfortable when cruising across the finishing line in 12.03 seconds, pushed back by a very strong -4.3 m/s headwind.

Her twin sister, Tia Clayton captured the third heat with a time of 12.24 seconds and she too was forced back by a -3.8 m/s headwind.

Edwin Allen High, Hydel High, Petersfield High and St. Mary High all have two athletes advancing to the semi-finals of the Class One girls’ 100m, which is set for Wednesday evening.

The final of the event will also take place on Wednesday night in the new order of event schedule outlined by the organiser for this year’s championships.


Name Year School Prelims Wind H#

1 Alexis James Petersfield High 11.72Q -2.1 4
2 Brianna Lyston Hydel High 12.01Q -2.3 1
3 Tina Clayton Edwin Allen High 12.03Q -4.3 2
4 Tia Clayton Edwin Allen High 12.24Q -3.8 3
5 Shenese Walker St. Jago High 11.87Q -2.1 4
6 Ashley Barrett Petersfield High 12.16Q -4.3 2
7 Dayna Thompson St. Mary High 12.30Q -2.3 1
8 Janela Spencer Manchester High 12.38Q -3.8 3
9 Oneka Wilson Hydel High 12.01q -2.1 4
10 Chanel Honeywell Immaculate C 12.15q -2.1 4
11 Jaciann Woolery Green Island High 12.44q -4.3 2
12 Breanna Clarke St. Jago High 12.44q -2.3 1
13 Nydia Chance William Knib 12.49q -2.3 1
14 Akalia Palmer Holmwood Technical 12.58q -2.1 4
15 Rohanna Wright Camperdown High 12.59q -3.8 3
16 Glacian Loutin St. Mary High 12.70q -3.8 3
17 Danielle Kent St. Catherine High 12.71 -4.3 2
18 Dhaenia Pinnock Manchester High 12.73 -2.3 1
19 Gabrielle Lyn Immaculate C 12.80 -3.8 3
20 Kavel Ritchie St. Catherine High 12.83 -3.8 3
21 Abbigaye McDonald Bustamante High 13.31 -4.3 2
22 Krishel Santokie Vere Technical 13.34 -3.8 3
23 MACKAYLA Bernard Herbert Morr 13.35 -4.3 2
24 Ophiellia Bernard Herbert Morr 13.37 -2.3 1
25 Natalia Scarlett Ocho Rios High 13.60 -4.3 2
— Aaliyah Hylton Ocho Rios High FS -2.1 4

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