KINSTON, Jamaica — The following is the schedule and the order of events on Day 4 at Champs 2022 on Friday (8). The five-day championships take place from April 5-8 with live radio and video online streaming available to all the fans who are unable to travel to the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica.


Live streaming coverage on Day 4 will begin at 9:00 am CT / 10:00 am ET with the start of the Heptathlon open for girls, while the action will continue in field event competitions with high jump and shot put for class one boys and the long jump qualifying round for class three girls also on the schedule in the morning session.

A total of 13 finals are slated to take place on Friday, with current leaders in the team points standings, Kingston College and Edwin Allen looking to press home the advantage over their rivals in the title race.

The 200m semi-finals for all classes are on the schedule for today with Theianna-Lee Terrelonge and Bryan Levell of Edwin Allen hoping to stay on course to win respective sprint doubles.

At the same time, Brianna Lyston of Hydel High will be aiming to bounce back from her defeat in the 100m final on Wednesday night (6) when she lines up in the class one girls’ 200m semi-finals.

Her teammate Alana Reid will be seeking to move closer to winning the class two girls’ 200m title after she finished second to her schoolmate in the 100m final earlier at the championships.

The semi-finals of the 4x400m relays are also scheduled for Friday night, while the 400m hurdles are among the finals listed for today’s evening session.

Champs 2022 Schedule on day 4

Friday, 8 April – Day 4
9:00AM 100H Hep Open Girls Event #1
9:06AM High Jump CLASS 1 Boys Prelim
9:09AM Shot Put CLASS 1 Boys Prelim
9:12AM Long Jump CLASS 3 Girls Prelim
9:15AM 70 M Hurdles CLASS 4 Girls Prelim
9:45AM 80M Hurdles CLASS 3 Girls Prelim
10:15AM 100M Hurdles CLASS 2 Girls Prelim
10:45AM 100M Hurdles CLASS 1 Girls Prelim
11:00AM High†Jump†Hep†Open†Girls†Event†£†2
11:03AM Discus CLASS 2 Boys Prelims
11:15AM 100M Hurdles CLASS 3 Boys Prelim
11:45AM 110M Hurdles CLASS 2 Boys Prelim
12:15PM 110M Hurdles CLASS 1 Boys Prelim


1:00PM Shot Put Hep Open Girls Event #3
1:05PM Long Jump CLASS 3 Boys Final 30
1:10PM 200M CLASS 4 Girls Semifinal
1:25PM 200M CLASS 3 Girls Semifinal
1:40PM 200M CLASS 2 Girls Semifinal
1:55PM 200M CLASS 1 Girls Semifinal
2:10PM 200M CLASS 3 Boys Semifinal
2:25PM 200M CLASS 2 Boys Semifinal
2:40PM 200M CLASS 1 Boys Semifinal
2:45PM High Jump CLASS 4 Girls Final 31
2:48PM Pole Vault Open Boys Final 32
2:50PM Presentation
2:51PM Discus CLASS 2 Girls Final 33
3:00PM 200M Hep Open Girls Event #4
3:11PM 800M CLASS 3 Girls Semifinal
3:29PM 800M CLASS 2 Girls Semifinal
3:33PM Triple Jump CLASS 2 Boys Prelims
3:51PM 800M CLASS 1 Girls Semifinal
4:06PM 800M CLASS 3 Boys Semifinal
4:21PM 800M CLASS 2 Boys Semifinal
4:36PM 800M CLASS 1 Boys Semifinal
4:51PM Presentation
HJ Cl 4 Girls/PV Boy & Dic Cl 2 Girls
4:51PM High Jump CLASS 1 Girls Final 34
5:08PM 2000M Steeplechase Open Girls Final 35
5:24PM 2000M Steeplechase Open Boys Final 36
5:38PM 400M H Open Girls Final 37
5:48PM 400M H CLASS 2 Boys Final 38
6:00PM 400M H CLASS 1 Boys Final 39
6:05PM Presentation
HJ Cl 1 Girls/2000MSC Girls& Boys
6:03PM Discus CLASS 3 Girls Final 40
6:06PM Triple Jump CLASS 1 Boys Final 41
6:15PM Sprint Medley Open Girls Prelims
6:45PM Sprint Medley Open Boys Prelims
7:05PM Presentation
Girls 400MH Open & Boys Cl 1 & 2 400MH
7:16PM 4 x 400M Relay Open Girls Prelims
7:40PM 4 x 400M Relay Open Boys Prelims
7:43PM Triple Jump Open Girls Final
8:01PM 70 M Hurdles CLASS 4 Girls Semifinal
8:15PM 80M Hurdles CLASS 3 Girls Semifinal
8:30PM 100M Hurdles CLASS 2 Girls Semifinal
8:45PM 100M Hurdles CLASS 1 Girls Semifinal
8:57PM Presentation
Girls Disc Cl 3/TJ Boys Cl 1
9:10PM 100M Hurdles CLASS 3 Boys Semifinal
9:22pm 110M Hurdles CLASS 2 Boys Semifinal
9:34PM 110M Hurdles CLASS 1 Boys Semifinal
9:45PM Presentation
Girls TJ Open

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