CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia — Follow all the live results and updates on Day 2 of the 2022 Virginia Challenge at Lannigan Field on Saturday, 23 April.

The action on Saturday will begin at 12:00 pm with the remaining events in the women’s Heptathlon open, while competition on the track will start at 12:30 pm with the women’s 100m hurdles.

The ever-exciting 4x100m relay races will take place at 1:15 pm with the women’s event, followed by the men’s contest at 1:25 pm with the 400m hurdles, 200m, 800m, and the 4x400m relay events.

Action the second day will close out with the 800m invite races at 4:35 pm and 4:55 pm, respectively.

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DayStartSaturday Running EventsRndStart ListResult
Saturday12:30 PMWomen 100 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:50 PMMen 110 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:15 PMWomen 4×100 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:25 PMMen 4×100 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:35 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:55 PMMen 400 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:15 PMWomen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:35 PMMen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:00 PMWomen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday3:20 PMMen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday4:10 PMWomen 4×400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday4:20 PMMen 4×400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday4:35 PMWomen 800 M InviteFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday4:55 PMMen 800 M InviteFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartSaturday Field EventsRndStart ListResult
Saturday12:00 PMWomen High Jump InviteFinalStart ListResult
Saturday12:05 PMMen High Jump InviteFinalStart ListResult
Saturday1:10 PMMen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday1:15 PMWomen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:25 PMWomen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Saturday2:30 PMMen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Saturday2:30 PMMen Triple JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday2:35 PMWomen Triple JumpFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartWomen’s HeptathlonRndStart ListResult
Friday12:00 PMHeptathlon 100 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Friday12:50 PMHeptathlon High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday2:50 PMHeptathlon Shot PutFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:00 PMHeptathlon 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Saturday12:00 PMHeptathlon Long JumpFinalStart ListResult
Saturday1:30 PMHeptathlon JavelinFinalStart ListResult
Saturday2:55 PMHeptathlon 800 MFinalsStart ListResult

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