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HAJ Hannover Marathon 2022 results; Pfeiffer and Mayer secure titles

Germans runners Hendrik Pfeiffer and Domenika Mayer won the HAJ Hannover Marathon 2022 results from the 2022 World Athletics Label Road race series.

HAJ Hannover Marathon 2022 results

HANNOVER, Germany — The HAJ Hannover Marathon 2022 results from the 2022 World Athletics Label Road race series, which took place in Germany on Sunday (3).

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German runners Hendrik Pfeiffer and Domenika Mayer celebrated the victory on the men’s and women’s sides, giving the local supporters something to cheer about on the weekend.

Pfeiffer clocked 2:10:59 to take the win on the men’s side, recording the second-fastest marathon time of his career behind his personal best of 2:10:18, set in Sevilla in 2020.

Josphat Kiprop Kiptis of Kenya finished second with a time of 2:13:47 to set a personal best with third place going to Martin E. Olesen of Denmark who also produced a PB of 2:14:35.

Mayer, meanwhile, made a winning start to her marathon career after running 2:26:50 to secure the victory in the women’s race.

The 31-year-old German defeated her compatriot Rabea Schöneborn, who crossed the finish line in a time of 2:27:35, while Croatian Matea Parlov Kostro produced a PB of 2:28:39 for third place.

HAJ Hannover Marathon 2022 results

Men’s Marathon

1 Hendrik PFEIFFER GER 2:10:59
2 Josphat Kiprop KIPTIS KEN 2:13:47
3 Martin E. OLESEN DEN 2:14:35
4 Wilfred KIPTOO KEN 2:14:43
5 Frank SCHAUER GER 2:14:43
6 Erik HILLE GER 2:15:04
7 Marcus SCHÖFISCH GER 2:15:05
8 Nic IHLOW GER 2:15:07
9 Archie CASTEEL SWE 2:15:22
10 Florian PRÜLLER AUT 2:15:56
11 Moritz BEINLICH GER 2:16:24
12 Lorenz BAUM GER 2:17:03
13 Raoul JANKOWSKI GER 2:22:28
14 Sascha VAN STAA GER 2:22:34
15 Jens ZIGANKE GER 2:22:40
16 Marcel BRÄUTIGAM GER 2:22:41
17 Valentin HARWARDT GER 2:22:44
18 David BRECHT GER 2:23:03
19 Dustin KARSCH GER 2:23:37
20 Silas BERGMANN GER 2:24:15
21 Nicolai RIECHERS GER 2:25:10
22 Filimon GEZAE ERI 2:25:31
23 Michael MAJEWSKI GER 2:26:15
24 Manuel KRUSE GER 2:26:19
25 Niklas HÄNZE GER 2:26:20
26 Paul SNEHOTTA GER 2:26:36
27 Robert UNGER GER 2:26:37
28 Christian LOOSCHEN GER 2:26:50
29 Simon BOCH GER 2:27:02

Women’s Marathon

1 Domenika MAYER GER 2:26:50
2 Rabea SCHÖNEBORN GER 2:27:35
3 Matea PARLOV KOŠTRO CRO 2:28:39
4 Flomena CHEPKIACH KEN 2:30:42
5 Runa Skrove FALCH NOR 2:33:53
7 Karen VAN PROEYEN BEL 2:36:18
8 Pernille Eugenie EPLAND NOR 2:38:51
9 Sabine BURGDORF GER 2:41:11
10 Katja FISCHER GER 2:42:39
11 Verena CERNA GER 2:47:07
12 Bettina ENGLISCH GER 2:48:33
13 Elisabeth BRANDL GER 2:48:48
14 Beese FLORENTINE GER 2:48:53
15 Friederike SCHOPPE GER 2:49:18
16 Tania CHAVEZ MOSER BOL 2:50:34
17 Biljana KIRADJIEVA MKD 2:53:37
18 Maja SEIDEL GER 2:56:28
19 Katrin OCHS GER 2:57:36
20 Raija SCHMIDT GER 2:59:22
21 Malin AURAß GER 2:59:41
22 Doris MARQUARDT GER 3:02:06

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