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Meeting de Sélection 10,000m results; Sieracki and Debognies win titles

Results and recap from the Meeting de Sélection 10,000m with Margaux Sieracki of France and Belgian Simon Debognies both winning titles in Pace.

Glen Andrews

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PACE, France — The following are the results from the Meeting de Sélection 10,000m, which took place in France, on Friday, 16 April. Margaux Sieracki of France and Belgian Simon Debognies recorded personal bests to win the respective titles on the day.

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Debognies clocked a winning time of 27:57.29 to set a lifetime best on his way to winning the men’s race while getting home ahead of his Belgium countryman Robin Hendrix who was second, also in a PB time of 28:01.65. Home representative Yoann Kowal of France made it three PBs to round out the top three, closing off the podium place with a time of 28:05.68.

On the women’s side, Sieracki registered a time of 33:10.50 for a new personal best in a close race in Pace.

Sieracki managed to fend off the challenges of France runners, Leila Hadji (33:21.59), Meline Rollin (33:31.42), Mathilde Sénéchal (33:32.93), and Emily de La Bruyere (33:51.87) —who all set personal bests in rounding out the top five finishers.

Meeting de Sélection 10,000m Results

1 Simon Debognies BEL 27:57.29 PB
2 Robin Hendrix BEL 28:01.65 PB
3 Yoann Kowal FRA 28:05.68 PB
4 Florian Carvalho FRA 28:13.72 SB
5 Emmanuel Roudolff FRA 28:18.93 PB
6 Corentin Le Roy FRA 28:25.06 PB
7 Valentin Gondouin FRA 28:27.68 PB
8 Arsène Guillorel FRA 29:09.34 SB
9 Lucas da Silva BRA 29:16.90 PB
10 Alexandre Saddedine FRA 29:19.75 PB
11 Jeremy Belkacem FRA 29:32.92 PB
12 Anthony Baumal FRA 29:38.69 SB
13 Hicham Briki MAR 29:43.30 SB
14 Willy Nigaut FRA 29:47.88 PB
15 Corentin Prouteau FRA 29:57.94 PB
16 Ewen Toulgoat ESP 29:56.09 PB
17 Maxime Thuillier FRA 30:12.73 PB
18 Nicolas Valentin FRA 30:50.84 SB
19 Pierre Pubert FRA 30:59.25 PB
10 Clement Girard FRA 31:05.95 SB
21 Etienne Nancel FRA 31:31.51 PB
22 Esteban Martineau FRA 31:39.28 PB
23 Etienne Thomas FRA 31:41.09 PB
24 Cyrille Valin FRA 31:43.81 PB

1 Margaux Sieracki FRA 33:10.50 PB
2 Leila Hadji FRA 33:21.59 PB
3 Meline Rollin FRA 33:31.42 PB
4 Mathilde Sénéchal FRA 33:32.93 PB
5 Emily de La Bruyere FRA 33:51.87 PB
6 Marie Bouchard FRA 34:08.73 PB
7 Maiwenn Le Corre FRA 35:06.78 PB
8 Sandra Dibi FRA 35:51.39 PB
9 Doriane Langlois FRA 36:24.32 SB
10 Lauriane Closier FRA 36:32.24 PB

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