Sha'Carri Richardson speaks at the USATF Championships 2022

After opting to stay quiet for the last three days at the USATF Outdoor Championships, American track and field fan-favorite Sha’Carri Richardson has now decided to speak.

Richardson failed to advance to the final of both the 100m and 200m sprints at the national championships this week and was heavily criticized by several members of the media who felt disappointed that she did not take the time to speak about her performances.

But on Sunday, the 22-year-old returned to the media to make a statement. Read more: Abby Steiner blasts to 21.77; Lyles gets the better of Knighton – Super 200m races at USA Championships

“What I have to say you can all take this interview and do whatever you want to do with it,” she said.

Richardson, who ran 11.31 seconds in the heats of the 100m and failed to advance to the semi-final on Thursday, also missed out on a place in the final of the 200m after clocking 22.47 seconds in the 200m on Sunday.

She wants the media to respect athletes more when they are asked for interviews after a race.

“I am coming to speak not just on my behalf, but all athletes’ behalf. When you guys do interviews, you guys must respect athletes more.”

She suggests that the media is only looking for an interview to make money.

“You all should understand them coming from whether they are winning [or] whether they are losing whatever the case may be.

“Athletes deserve way more respect than when you all just come and throw cameras into their faces.”

She added that reporters need to “be more understanding of the fact they [athletes] are still humans.” The sixth-fastest woman in the 100m ever said the media shouldn’t just be trying to get information “to put out an article to try and make a dollar.”

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