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Ed Murphey Classic 2022 men’s and women’s 800m start lists – American Track League 29-30 July

Strong fields have been assembled for the women's and men's 800m at the Ed Murphey Classic 2022 - Puma American Track League on 29-30 July.

Bryce Hoppel wins the 2022 USATF 800m
Bryce Hoppel wins the 2022 USATF 800m title while Jonah Koech and Brandon Miller (diving) take second and third, respectively (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

Charlene Lipsey, Nia Akins, Olivia Baker, Jonah Koech, Isaiah Jewett and Isaiah Harris are all on the start lists for the women’s and men’s 800 meters at the Ed Murphey Classic 2022 – World Athletics Continental Tour Silver level meeting and Puma American Track League series on 29-30 July.

Festus Lagat of Kenya is the fastest runner in the men’s race this campaign with a season-best of 1:44.31, which is the 15th-fastest in the world in 2022. Read more: Start list for the Ed Murphey Classic 2022 1500m – American Track League

The 25-year-old enters the race full of confidence, but he will be well tested by the Americans who are looking to resume their season after a break due to the World Athletics Championships 2022 in Oregon.

Leading the way is Jonah Koech, who will be looking to bounce back from a disqualification at the world championships recently. He will be joined by Isaiah Jewett and Isaiah Harris who are both capable of winning the event on their best day.

Fast field set for women’s 800m – Ed Murphey Classic 2022

Meanwhile, the women’s field includes a pair of sub-1:59 runners this season, while three of the starters have gone under that mark in their respective careers.

Baker is the fastest among the entrants this season with a 2022 best of 1:58.46 with Akins running both a season and personal best of 1:58.82 this year.

Also going under 1:59 for the women’s 800m in their respective careers is Hanna Green, who owns a personal best time of 1:58.19, while Charlene Lipsey has a personal best of 1:57.38, the fastest among all the starters in this race.

How to watch the meet live?

Check out the complete men’s and women’s start lists for the 800m below. Also, I will provide details on how to watch live streaming coverage online of this Puma American Track League meeting and on your TV, but for sure you can stream it live here for $8.99 for all sessions, purchase HERE

Women’s 800m start list – Ed Murphey Classic 2022

1 Charlene Lipsey 1:57.38 PB 2:00.32 SB
2 Hanna Green USA Female 1:58.19 PB 2:00.55 SB
3 Olivia Baker USA 1:58.46 PB 1:58.46 SB
4 Sabrina Southerland USA 1:58.77 PB 1:59.69 SB
5 Nia Akins USA 1:58.82 PB 1:58.82 SB
6 Kaela Edwards USA 1:59.68 PB 2:04.01 SB
7 Heather Maclean USA 1:59.72 PB 2:00.90 SB
8 Brenna Detra USA 1:59.94 PB 1:59.94 SB
9 Emily Richards USA 2:00.27 PB 2:00.27 SB
10 Laurie Barton USA 2:00.65 PB 2:00.78 SB
11 Sammy Watson USA 2:00.65 PB 2:00.90 SB
12 Kendra Chambers USA 2:00.76 PB 2:02.40 SB
13 Jazmine Fray JAM 2:01.18 PB 2:02.66 SB
14 Addy Townsend CAN 2:01.24 PB 2:01.24 SB
15 Shafiqua Maloney VIN 2:01.58 PB 2:01.58 SB
16 Skylyn Webb USA 2:02.07 PB 2:02.07 SB
17 Danae Rivers USA 2:02.50 PB 2:02.50 SB
18 Gemma Finch ENG 2:02.81 PB 2:02.99 SB
19 Aziza Ayoub PUR Female 2:03.78 PB 2:03.78 SB
20 Rachael Walters USA 2:04.15 PB 2:05.50 SB
21 Amy Piccolo USA Female 2:09.49 PB 2:09.49 SB

Men’s 800m start list – Ed Murphey Classic 2022

1 Michael Saruni KEN 1:43.25 PB 1:46.14 SB
2 Isaiah Jewett USA 1:43.85 PB 1:45.87 SB
3 Festus Lagat KEN 1:44.31 PB 1:44.31 SB
4 Isaiah Harris USA 1:44.42 PB 1:45.55 SB
5 Drew Windle USA 1:44.63 PB 1:47.23 SB
6 Robby Andrews USA 1:44.71 PB
7 Jonah Koech USA Male 1:44.74 PB 1:44.74 SB
8 Edose Ibadin NGR 1:44.81 PB 1:46.29 SB
9 Brannon Kidder USA 1:44.99 PB 1:45.97 SB
10 Vincent Crisp USA 1:45.03 PB 1:45.03 SB
11 Shane Streich USA 1:45.85 PB 1:48.26 SB
12 Robert Downs USA 1:46.46 PB 1:46.86 SB
13 Christian Harrison USA 1:46.69 PB 1:46.69 SB
14 Luciano Fiore USA 1:46.90 PB 1:46.90 SB
15 John Lewis USA Male 1:47.10 PB 1:48.20 SB
16 Joshua Hoey USA 1:47.20 PB 1:47.36 SB
17 Stephen Evans CAN 1:47.30 PB 1:47.30 SB
18 Hazem Miawad USA 1:48.70 PB 1:48.70 SB
19 Charles Shimukowa ZAM 1:48.95 PB 1:49.97 SB
20 Dante August USA 1:49.00 PB 1:51.00 SB
21 Vaughn Taylor CAN 1:49.73 PB 1:49.93 SB
22 Konnor Lee Paris USA 1:52.49 PB 1:52.49 SB

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