Ese Brume, Malaika Mihambo, Leticia Oro Melo

Germany’s Olympic champion Malaika Mihambo successfully defended her world title in the women’s long jump over the weekend with a pair of clutch jumps in the fourth and the six rounds of the competition. You can watch highlights of her gold medal-winning performance from Hayward Field below.

Mihambo, who won the long jump at the Doha World Championships in 2019, returned three years later to retain her crown after stretching out to 7.12 meters in the final round of the competition on Sunday (24). She was already leading the contest with her 7.09m jump in round four.

The 28-year-old was winning a fourth major title, having also won the Olympic Games gold in Tokyo last summer and the European Championships crown in 2018 to go with her two world championships gold medals. Read more: Women’s triple jump full results; Yulimar Rojas wins 3rd World Championships gold medal

Mihambo recovers from nervy start

After making a shaky start in Eugene, Oregon, on Sunday, which saw her trailing the entire field after two rounds, following a pair of no marks, Mihambo went big in round three to cut the sand at 6.98m to move all the way up to second place and gave herself an extra three rounds of jumps.

The German then improved her mark to 7.09m in the fourth round to take the lead in the competition and then went 7.12m in the final round to secure the title.

Ese Brume of Nigeria who took the lead in the contest in the third round with a jump of 7.02m, finished with the silver medal, while Brazil’s Leticia Oro Melo, the leader after the first and second rounds, was the surprise package of the final, despite being relegated to the bronze medal with 6.89m.

American Quanesha Burks was fourth with 6.88m, while Australia’s Brooke Buschkuehl and Sweden’s Khaddi Sagnia went each 6.87m.

In a highly competitive final, only seven centimeters separated the finishers in third and eighth place.

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images for World Athletics


1GERMalaika MIHAMBO7.12 SB1
2NGREse BRUME7.02 SB1.1
3BRALeticia ORO MELO6.89 PB1.1
4USAQuanesha BURKS6.88 SB-0.2
5AUSBrooke BUSCHKUEHL6.870.8
6SWEKhaddi SAGNIA6.872.7
7SRBIvana VULETA6.842.1
9GBRJazmin SAWYERS6.620.4
10GBRLorraine UGEN6.53-0.5
11NGRRuth USORO6.520.8
12USATiffany FLYNN6.480.4


Malaika MIHAMBOGER7.121SBXX6.98+1.27.09+0.4X7.12+1.0
Ese BRUMENGR7.021.1SB6.61+0.26.88+1.17.02+1.16.86+2.1X6.91+0.3
Leticia ORO MELOBRA6.891.1PB6.89+1.1XXXXX
Quanesha BURKSUSA6.88-0.2SB6.46+1.86.88-0.26.50+0.56.46+2.16.48+0.86.45+0.6
Khaddi SAGNIASWE6.872.7X6.69+2.04.56+0.46.66+0.76.87+2.7X
Brooke BUSCHKUEHLAUS6.870.86.570.06.87+0.8XX6.77+1.6X
Ivana VULETASRB6.842.1X6.67+1.4X6.84+2.16.84+0.66.75+0.4
Maryna BEKH-ROMANCHUKUKR6.820.46.79+1.2XXXX6.82+0.4
Jazmin SAWYERSGBR6.620.46.62+0.46.50+0.86.56+0.8
Lorraine UGENGBR6.53-0.5X6.53-0.5X
Ruth USORONGR6.520.86.50+0.56.52+0.86.31+1.1
Tiffany FLYNNUSA6.480.46.48+0.4XX

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