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Start list for the Ed Murphey Classic 2022 1500m – American Track League

The start lists for the women's and men's 1500m for the Ed Murphey Classic 2022 meeting in Memphis with Johnny Gregorek, Josette Norris and Elise Cranny on the list.

Elise Cranny wins the 2022 USATF 5000m title
Elise Cranny (left) beats Karissa Schweizer (center) and Emily Infeld for the 2022 USATF 5000m title (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

The women’s and men’s 1500m start lists for the Ed Murphey Classic 2022 – American Track League meeting. The event, which will take place at Billy J. Murphy Track and Field Complex in Memphis, Tennessee, on 29-30 July, is part of the 2022 World Athletics Continental Tour Silver level series.

On the men’s side, Evan Jager starts with the fastest personal best time at 3:32.97, while Yared Nuguse starts with the best time at 3:35.29. Read more: Guardian Mile 2022 results – Josette Norris and Johnny Gregorek set course records in wins

The lineup also includes Johnny Gregorek, who is coming off a course record performance in the Guardian Mile 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday (23). Vincent Ciattei, Joshua Thompson, Samuel Prakel, Robert Heppenstall, and Colby Alexander are also among the entrants.

On the women’s side, Josette Norris, who like Gregorek, is coming off a victory in the Guardian Mile 2022 race over the weekend, is among the starters. She has the fastest PB in this field with 3:59.72 and is the only athlete with a lifetime best under four minutes in the 1500m.

Norris also has the fastest season-best at 4:04.72.

The field also includes Elise Cranny, who recently raced at the World Athletics Championships 2022 in Oregon, Helen Schlachtenhaufen, Katie Follett, Sage Hurta, and Allie Wilson.

Ed Murphey Classic 2022 – American Track League

Women’s 1500m Start List

Evan Jager USA PB 3:32.97
Colby Alexander USA PB 3:33.65 SB 3:36.76
Johnny Gregorek USA PB 3:34.49 SB 3:35.29
Vincent Ciattei USA PB 3:34.57 SB 3:35.07
Yared Nuguse USA PB 3:34.68 SB 3:34.98
Joshua Thompson USA PB 3:34.77 SB 3:35.55
Robert Heppenstall CAN PB 3:35.17 SB 3:35.17
Samuel Prakel USA PB 3:36.43 SB 3:36.43
Waleed Suliman USA PB 3:36.53 SB 3:39.93
Sean McGorty USA PB 3:36.61 SB 3:36.85
Eric Holt USA PB 3:36.62 SB 3:37.60
Brett Meyer USA PB 3:37.77 SB 3:37.77
Jack Anstey AUS PB 3:38.01 SB 3:38.01
Kasey Knevelbaard USA PB 3:38.07 SB 3:39.96
Mick Stanovsek AUS PB 3:39.49 SB 3:42.04
Bryce Richards USA PB 3:40.67 SB 3:49.15
Michael Desmond Brannigan USA PB 3:44.39 3:44.39
Nathanial Gray Wolf Riech CAN PB 3:47.89 SB 3:48.50
Tayron Reyes DOM PB 3:48.00 SB 3:48.00
Joel Gomez USA PB 3:54.00 SB 3:55.00
Thomas Long USA PB 3:55.43 SB 3:57.00

Men’s 1500m Start Lists

Josette Norris USA PB 3:59.72 SB 4:04.72
Helen Schlachtenhaufen USA PB 4:01.09 SB 4:05.68
Elise Cranny USA PB 4:02.62 SB 4:08.07
Katie Follett USA PB 4:03.81 SB 4:24.54
Marta Pen Freitas POR PB 4:03.99 SB 4:07.11
Rebecca Mehra USA PB 4:04.90 SB 4:08.59
Sage Hurta USA PB 4:05.27 SB 4:05.27
Allie Wilson USA PB 4:05.49 SB 4:05.49
Molly Sughroue USA PB 4:07.37 SB 4:07.37
Christina Aragon USA PB 4:08.71 SB 4:10.00
Gabbi Jennings USA PB 4:12.02 SB 4:16.76
Carina Viljoen RSA PB 4:12.90 SB 4:20.07
Alexandra Lucki CAN PB 4:13.26 SB 4:13.26
Samantha Murphy CAN PB 4:19.87

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