European Championships 2022 watch live streaming coverage

The following is the order of events schedule, live results, event start times, and how to watch and follow live streaming coverage of the 2022 European Athletics Championships Day 3 on YouTube on Wednesday (17), here at the Olympic Stadium in Munich.

There are six finals slated for the third day of competition, including the women’s and men’s 400m title races as Dutch star Femke Bol who is seeking to win a rare 400m hurdles and open 400m double, looks to get the first part of her quest done and dusted at the end of the day on Wednesday.

Live action will start at 9:35 am local time in Munich / 3:35 am ET in the United States with the men’s Hammer Throw qualification rounds, while the women’s Heptathlon will also get underway on Day 3 with the 100m hurdles scoring event opening the competition at 4:30 am ET.

The men’s 400m hurdles opening rounds will get going at 5:05 am ET, the women’s event will get going at 5:40 am ET, while the women’s Triple Jump and men’s Discus Throw qualification rounds are also taking place in the morning session on Day 3.

All six finals will take place in the afternoon session, starting with the women’s Pole Vault at 2:00 pm ET and the men’s Triple Jump at 4:15 pm ET. Read more: When is the European Championships Munich 2022 and how to watch?

Please check the complete schedule below which also includes the start lists for each event.

Start TimeLocationEvent
3:35OlympiastadionMen’s Hammer Throw Qualification Group A
4:30OlympiastadionWomen’s 100m Hurdles Heat 1/3 Heptathlon
4:38OlympiastadionWomen’s 100m Hurdles Heat 2/3 Heptathlon
4:46OlympiastadionWomen’s 100m Hurdles Heat 3/3 Heptathlon
4:50OlympiastadionMen’s Hammer Throw Qualification Group B
5:05OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 Heat 1/4
5:12OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 Heat 2/4
5:19OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 Heat 3/4
5:26OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 Heat 4/4
5:35OlympiastadionWomen’s High Jump Group A Heptathlon
5:35OlympiastadionWomen’s High Jump Group B Heptathlon
5:40OlympiastadionWomen’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 Heat 1/3
5:47OlympiastadionWomen’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 Heat 2/3
5:54OlympiastadionWomen’s 400m Hurdles Round 1 Heat 3/3
6:20OlympiastadionMen’s Discus Throw Qualification Group A
6:35OlympiastadionWomen’s Triple Jump Qualification Group A
6:35OlympiastadionWomen’s Triple Jump Qualification Group B
7:35OlympiastadionMen’s Discus Throw Qualification Group B
13:49OlympiastadionWomen’s Shot Put Group A Heptathlon
13:49OlympiastadionWomen’s Shot Put Group B Heptathlon
14:00OlympiastadionWomen’s Pole Vault Final
14:15OlympiastadionMen’s Triple Jump Final
14:30OlympiastadionMen’s 110m Hurdles Semi-Final 1/3
14:42OlympiastadionMen’s 110m Hurdles Semi-Final 2/3
14:54OlympiastadionMen’s 110m Hurdles Semi-Final 3/3
15:00OlympiastadionWomen’s Hammer Throw Final
15:10OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Heat 1/3 Heptathlon
15:17OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Heat 2/3 Heptathlon
15:24OlympiastadionWomen’s 200m Heat 3/3 Heptathlon
15:43OlympiastadionMen’s 400m Final
16:02OlympiastadionWomen’s 400m Final
16:22OlympiastadionMen’s 110m Hurdles Final

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