Mo Farah wins The Big Half 2022 men's elite race

LONDON (September 4) —— The following are The Big Half 2022 results on Sunday (4) with British stars Mo Farah and Eilish McColgan running away with the men’s and women’s respective titles. In fact, McColgan took the women’s crown with a record-breaking performance. The race set off by Tower Bridge in central London and finished at the famous Cutty Sark in Greenwich.

In the men’s race, Farah, who returned to the event for the first time since winning in 2019, won the 13.1-mile race with a time of 1:01:49 after breaking away from the field to secure his third title here with a comfortable performance on his way to create an event milestone for winners.

The multiple Olympic and world champion had also won The Big Half race on two other occasions –following victories at the 2018 and 2019 editions and became the first male athlete to win the event three times.

Jack Rowe, the runner-up in The Big Half 2021 race finished second again this year after crossing the finish line at a time of 1:02:04, while last year’s champion Jake Smith was pushed back into third place in this year’s race, running a time of 1:02:10 to complete the podium places.

Andy Butchart, making his first appearance at The Big Half this year ended with a solid fourth-place finish at 1:02:59 with the top five rounded out by Omar Ahmed in 1:03:20. Ellis Cross, who defeated Farah in the London Vitality 10,000 in May, was eighth here this morning in a time of 1:04:20.

Meanwhile, in the elite women’s contest, Eilish McColgan ran an impressive 1:07:35 to set a course record to win on her debut at The Big Half. The Commonwealth Games 2022 champion over 10,000m got the better of a very competitive lineup after she broke away from the field early en route to smashing the previous course record of 1:09:51.

Last year’s winner Charlotte Purdue finishes second this year with a time of 1:10:15 and Samantha Harrison got third place after running 1:10:22. The top five spots were completed by Calli Thackeray who ran 1:12:01 and Stephaine Twell who clocked 1:13:55.

Elsewhere, six-time Paralympic champion David Weir set a course record to win the men’s wheelchair race with a time of 47:18, while Commonwealth Games silver Eden Rainbow-Cooper won the women’s wheelchair race and equaled the course record with 56:39.


  1. FARAH, Mo (GBR) 1:01:49
  2. ROWE, Jack (GBR) 1:02:04
  3. SMITH, Jake (GBR) 1:02:10
  4. BUTCHART, Andrew (GBR) 1:02:59
  5. AHMED, Omar (GBR) 1:03:20
  6. GHEBRESILASIE, Weynay (GBR) 1:03:39
  7. LEACH, Matt (GBR) 1:04:06
  8. CROSS, Ellis (GBR) 1:04:20
  9. CRAIG, Adam (GBR) 1:05:27
  10. SESEMANN, Philip (GBR) 1:05:40
  11. MILLINGTON, Ross (GBR) 1:05:51
  12. GRACE, Joshua (GBR) 1:08:12
  13. MARTELLETTI, Paul (GBR) 1:09:54
  14. TORRY, Nicholas (GBR) 1:10:19
  15. THOMPSON, Chris (GBR) 2:00:31


  1. MCCOLGAN, Eilish (GBR) 1:07:35
  2. PURDUE, Charlotte (GBR) 1:10:15
  3. HARRISON, Samanatha (GBR) 1:10:22
  4. THACKERY, Calli (GBR) 1:12:01
  5. TWELL, Stephaine (GBR) 1:13:55
  6. STYLES, Emma (GBR) 1:14:19
  7. NIMMOCK, Dani (GBR) 1:15:22
  8. GAUNT, Helen (GBR) 1:18:16
  9. EVANS, Clara (GBR) 2:00:30

MEN’S Wheelchair race

  1. Weir, David (GBR) :47:18
  2. Sidbury, Danny (GBR) 47:20
  3. Smith, John Boy (GBR) 50:35
  4. Mcabe, Michael (GBR) 53:56
  5. Bosch, Tiaan (GBR) 56:13
  6. Jomni, Moatez (GBR) 56:46
  7. Clarke, Matthew (GBR) 57:57
  8. Edwards, Jamie (GBR) 1:06:46
  9. Montgommery, Steve (GBR) 1:19:28

WOMEN’S Wheelchair race

  1. Cooper, Eden Rainbow (GBR) 56:39
  2. Burrough, Claudia (GBR) 1:10:54
  3. Snopek, Martyna (GBR) 1:18:38
  4. Bouvard, Ella (GBR) 1:29:36
  5. Mcteranan, Liz (GBR) 1:30:09

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