Watch the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2022

The Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2022 will take place on Sunday morning (30) and you can watch all the live streaming coverage online for free. The event is part of the 2022 World Athletics Elite Label Road Races and it begins at 4:55 a.m. ET. Read More: SEC Cross Country Championships 2022 results; Alabama sweeps team crowns

The following is the race day schedule, which is in Central European Time
Weather conditions are expected to be very good although it may become warm towards the end of the elite races. A live stream can be accessed on the event’s website at: , however, this will not be possible in territories where there is a live TV broadcast.

Two strong fields have been assembled for elite races at the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2022 while the organizers are expecting a very large field overall. Some media houses are even reported that we could see somewhere close to 20,000 runners and walkers participating this weekend.

On the men’s side, there are nine runners faster than 2:10:00 in the marathon, including Betesfa Getahun (2:05:28) and Gebru Redahgne (2:05:58) of Ethiopia.

On the women’s side, we will see Kenya’s Sally Kaptich (2:21:09), Yeshi Chekole (2:21:17) of Ethiopia, and another Kenyan Helah Kiprop (2:21:27) starting as the leading contenders for victory.

Elite runners with personal bests:


  1. Betesfa Getahun ETH 2:05:28
  2. Gebru Redahgne ETH 2:05:58
  3. Martin Kosgey KEN 2:06:41
  4. Derseh Balew Yihunie ETH 2:07:22
  5. Asefa Mengisa ETH 2:07:47
  6. Charles Ndiema KEN 2:08:12
  7. Brimin Misoi KEN 2:08:41
  8. Deresa Ulfata ETH 2:08:42
  9. Dominic Letting KEN 2:09:30
  10. Hendrik Pfeiffer GER 2:10:18
  11. Stephen Mugambi KEN 2:11:39
  12. Justino da Silva BRA 2:13:31
  13. Edson Arruda BRA 2:14:35
  14. Justin Mahieu BEL 2:14:43
  15. Filimon Abraham GER  – – –
  16. Linus Maruka KEN Debüt
  17. Ashenafi Gebru ETH Debüt
  18. Eyob Solomun ERI Debüt
  19. Merhawi Ghebreslasie FRA Debüt


  1. Sally Kaptich KEN 2:21:09
  2. Yeshi Chekole ETH 2:21:17
  3. Helah Kiprop KEN 2:21:27
  4. Atalel Anmut ETH 2:22:21
  5. Juliet Chekwel UGA 2:23:13
  6. Jackline Chepngeno KEN 2:24:21
  7. Serdana Trofimova KGZ 2:24:38
  8. Zinash Lema ETH 2:24:55
  9. Meseret Abebayehu ETH 2:25:18
  10. Caroline Jepchirchir KEN 2:26:11
  11. Laura Hottenrott GER 2:28:02
  12. Gladys Chepkurui KEN 2:28:55
  13. Martha Akeno KEN 2:29:00
  14. Sofiya Yaremchuk ITA 2:29:12
  15. Thea Heim GER 2:36:10
Watch the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon 2022

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