Neil Gourley wins the 2022 Kalakaua Merrie Mile

HONOLULU (10-Dec) — The following are the top Kalakaua Merrie Mile 2022 results on Saturday, December 11, with Neil Gourley and Katie Snowden won the men’s and women’s respective titles in the warm-up race for Sunday’s 50th running of the Honolulu Marathon. Read This: Get Ready to Watch the 2022 Honolulu Marathon Live and Online: Here’s What You Need to Know

In the men’s contest of the 2022 Kalakaua Merrie Mile on Saturday morning, Scotland’s Gourley ran 3:56 to take the victory ahead a strong field that finished very close. Sam Prakel clocked 3:56 for second place and he was followed by Hobbs Kessler, who ran home at 3:57. Then came Kieran Lumb at 3:57 and Craig Engels at 3:58 in rounding out the top five finishers.

On the women’s side, they received a 29-second head start over the men in the battle of the gender for the top prize money awarded based on overall finish, regardless of gender, and British runner Katie Snowden finished with a time of 4:27. 

She was followed home by Nikki Hiltz (4:27), Taryn Rawlings (4:28), Sage Hurta (4:29), and Weini Kelati (4:30) in the top five finishers on Saturday.

Kalakaua Merrie Mile 2022 results – Men’s Race

Name Country Chip Time
Neil Gourley, SCOTLAND 0:03:56
Sam Prakel, USA 0:03:56
Hobbs Kessler 0:03:57
Kieran Lumb HI, USA 0:03:57
Craig Engels 0:03:58
Drew Hunter 0:03:59
Mason Ferlic 0:04:02
Craig Huffer AUS 0:04:03
Matthew Centrowitz 0:04:04
Eric Avila HI, USA 0:04:10
Christian Harrison San Diego, CA, USA 0:04:22
Jared Hixon Hilo, HI, USA 0:04:53
Tim Hughes Washington, DC, USA 0:04:55
Nick Schollmeier Dillingham, USA 0:04:56
Dan Kaneko Aiea, HI, USA 0:04:57
Steven Phillips Reno, NV, USA 0:04:57
Gabriel Tom Honolulu, USA 0:04:59
Daniel Lara Honolulu, USA 0:05:01
Michael Cacal Honolulu, USA 0:05:02
Yuji Nishikata Itabashi, JPN 0:05:02
Spencer Lyau Honolulu, USA 0:05:02
Austin Wren Jasper, USA 0:05:09
Derek Turbin Honolulu, USA 0:05:12
Jeffrey A Zila, USA 0:05:12
Jasen Egolf Bluffdale, USA 0:05:14

Kalakaua Merrie Mile 2022 results – Women’s Race

Name Residence Chip Time
Katie Snowden GBR 0:04:27
Nikki Hiltz USA 0:04:27
Taryn Rawlings USA 0:04:28
Sage Hurta 0:04:29
Weini Kelati 0:04:30
Helen Schlachtenhaufen 0:04:34
Heather MacLean 0:04:35
Emily Lipari 0:04:38
Emma Gee Flagstaff, USA 0:04:58
Sophia Morgan Honolulu, USA 0:05:22
Michelle Chewens , USA 0:05:52
Aspen Hixon Hilo, HI, USA 0:05:57
Julie Anne Ryan Calamvale, AUS 0:06:05
Rie Nagayama Honolulu, USA 0:06:06
Sabrina Filzmoser , AUT 0:06:10
Jessica Phung Honolulu,, USA 0:06:15
Layla Eriksen-Howard , AUS 0:06:26
Olivia Poblacion Honolulu, USA 0:06:26
Terra Stevens Honolulu, USA 0:06:26
Ayako Shirato Chuo-Ku, JPN 0:06:27
Rhiana Kai Beauregard , USA 0:06:36
Kyrie Chen Waipahu, USA 0:06:38
Fumiko Hachisuka , JPN 0:06:42
Iris-Aya Laemmerhirt GER 0:06:45
Joyce Young USA 0:06:45

Neil Gourley wins the 2022 Kalakaua Merrie Mile

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