LUBBOCK, Texas. –  The 2023 Texas Tech Open and Multis meet begins Thursday afternoon inside the Sports Performance Center and will run through Saturday. Live streaming coverage of the meet will be available on ESPN+, but only Friday and Saturday. Live Results | Multis Schedule | Meet Schedule

Several athletes, including Texas Tech’s Denim Rogers and Cole Omlin will be in action when the meet’s schedule starts promptly at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday with the multi-events. The men’s heptathlon 60m will open the action.

The final event on Thursday’s schedule is slated to begin at 5:20 p.m., the women’s pentathlon 800m. Thursday’s portion of the meeting will be free admission.

Stay tuned for more information about the meeting as the week progresses. Also, follow all the latest updates and results and look out for a report for the multi-events on Thursday evening.

The 2023 Texas Tech Open Schedule

Thu, January 26th

Times: Local (EST)

Men’s HeptathlonOverall1:00 PM
Women’s PentathlonOverall1:20 PM
Men’s Heptathlon 60m1:00 PM
Men’s Heptathlon Long Jump1:45 PM
Men’s Heptathlon Shot Put2:45 PM
Men’s Heptathlon High Jump4:00 PM
Women’s Pentathlon 60m Hurdles1:20 PM
Women’s Pentathlon High Jump2:15 PM
Women’s Pentathlon Shot Put4:15 PM
Women’s Pentathlon Long Jump5:20 PM
Women’s Pentathlon 800m6:20 PM

Fri, January 27th

Men’s Heptathlon 60m Hurdles12:30 PM
Men’s Heptathlon Pole Vault1:15 PM
Men’s Heptathlon 1000m4:00 PM
Women’s Weight ThrowFinal4:00 PM
B SectionMen’s Pole VaultFinal4:00 PM
B SectionWomen’s Long JumpFinal4:00 PM
B SectionMen’s Long JumpFinal4:00 PM
Qualifying RoundWomen’s 60m Hurdles1st Round5:00 PM
Qualifying RoundMen’s 60m Hurdles1st Round5:15 PM
Men’s Weight ThrowFinal5:30 PM
B SectionWomen’s Weight ThrowFinal5:30 PM
B SectionMen’s Weight ThrowFinal5:30 PM
Qualifying RoundWomen’s 60m1st Round5:35 PM
Qualifying RoundMen’s 60m1st Round5:50 PM
Women’s 600mFinal6:10 PM
Men’s 600mFinal6:20 PM
B SectionWomen’s Pole VaultFinal6:30 PM
Women’s Distance MedleyFinal6:35 PM
Men’s Distance MedleyFinal6:50 PM
Women’s Long JumpFinal7:00 PM
Men’s Long JumpFinal7:00 PM
Women’s 60m Hurdles1st Round7:05 PM
Men’s 60m Hurdles1st Round7:10 PM
Women’s 60m1st Round7:15 PM
Olympic DevelopmentWomen’s 60m1st Round7:20 PM
Men’s 60m1st Round7:25 PM
Olympic DevelopmentMen’s 60m1st Round7:30 PM
Women’s 400mFinal7:40 PM
Men’s 400mFinal8:20 PM
Women’s 60m HurdlesFinal8:50 PM
Men’s 60m HurdlesFinal8:55 PM
Women’s 60mFinal9:00 PM
Olympic DevelopmentWomen’s 60mFinal9:05 PM
Men’s 60mFinal9:10 PM
Olympic DevelopmentMen’s 60mFinal9:15 PM

Sat, January 28th

B SectionWomen’s Shot PutFinal11:00 AM
Women’s Pole VaultFinal11:30 AM
Men’s Pole VaultFinal11:30 AM
B SectionWomen’s High JumpFinal12:00 PM
B SectionMen’s High JumpFinal12:00 PM
B SectionMen’s Shot PutFinal12:30 PM
B SectionWomen’s Triple JumpFinal12:30 PM
Men’s Triple JumpFinal12:30 PM
Women’s 200mFinal12:30 PM
Men’s 200mFinal1:15 PM
Women’s 800mFinal1:50 PM
Men’s 800mFinal2:10 PM
Women’s MileFinal2:25 PM
Women’s Shot PutFinal2:30 PM
Men’s MileFinal2:40 PM
Women’s Triple JumpFinal3:30 PM
Women’s High JumpFinal3:30 PM
Men’s High JumpFinal3:30 PM
Women’s 3000mFinal3:45 PM
Men’s Shot PutFinal4:00 PM
Men’s 3000mFinal4:10 PM
Women’s 4×400Final4:35 PM
Men’s 4×400Final5:05 PM

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