Vanderbilt Invitational 2023 live streaming

The Vanderbilt Commodore track and field program will next be in action when it hosts the Vanderbilt Invitational on Friday and Saturday, January 20-21 at the Vanderbilt Multipurpose Facility in Nashville, TN, and you can watch live streaming coverage on LIVE Broadcast (SECN+) || Live Results.

Friday’s schedule will begin at 10:00 am ET with the multi-event for men, starting with the Heptathlon 60-meter with the long jump, shot put and high jump. Meanwhile, the women’s Pentathlon will begin at 10:30 am ET with the 60-meter hurdles. This will be followed by Pentathlon HJ, Pentathlon Shot Put, Pentathlon Long Jump and the close out with the Pentathlon 800.

The men’s Pole Vault will get the open events schedule underway at 11:00 am, while the first competition on the track is the women’s 200m at 5:30 pm. Read more: Abby Steiner wins 400m in season opener with 51.70

Live action on Saturday will begin with the men’s Heptathlon 60m hurdles at 9:30 am with the Men’s Shot Put going off at 11:00 am and the women’s 60m hurdles getting the track events underway at 1:00 pm.

The 2023 Vanderbilt Invitational – Friday, Jan. 20

Men’s HeptathlonOverall 10:00 AM
Women’s PentathlonOverall 10:30 AM
Men’s Heptathlon 60m 10:00 AM
Men’s Heptathlon Long Jump 10:00 AM
Men’s Heptathlon Shot Put 10:00 AM
Men’s Heptathlon High Jump 10:00 AM
Women’s Pentathlon 60m Hurdles 10:30 AM
Women’s Pentathlon High Jump 10:30 AM
Women’s Pentathlon Shot Put 10:30 AM
Women’s Pentathlon Long Jump 10:30 AM
Women’s Pentathlon 800m 10:30 AM
Men’s Pole VaultFinal 12:00 PM
Women’s High JumpFinal 1:50 PM
Men’s Weight ThrowFinal 2:30 PM
Women’s High JumpFinal 4:15 PM
Men’s High JumpFinal 4:15 PM
Men’s Long JumpFinal 4:30 PM
Men’s Pole VaultFinal 5:00 PM
Women’s Weight ThrowFinal 6:00 PM
Women’s 200mFinal 6:30 PM
Men’s 200mFinal 6:55 PM
Women’s Long JumpFinal 7:00 PM
Women’s Weight ThrowFinal 7:15 PM
Women’s Distance MedleyFinal 7:20 PM
Men’s Distance MedleyFinal 7:35 PM
Women’s 5000mFinal 7:50 PM
Men’s 5000mFinal 8:15 PM
Women’s 1000mFinal 8:40 PM
Men’s 1000mFinal 9:00 PM

The 2023 Vanderbilt Invitational – Saturday, Jan. 21

Men’s Heptathlon 60m Hurdles 9:30 AM
Men’s Heptathlon Pole Vault 9:30 AM
Men’s Heptathlon 1000m 9:30 AM
Men’s Shot PutFinal 11:00 AM
Women’s 60m Hurdles1st Round 1:00 PM
Men’s 60m Hurdles1st Round 1:15 PM
Women’s 60m1st Round 1:30 PM
Men’s 60m1st Round 1:45 PM
Women’s MileFinal 2:05 PM
Men’s Shot PutFinal 2:15 PM
Women’s Pole VaultFinal 2:30 PM
Women’s Pole VaultFinal 2:30 PM
Men’s MileFinal 2:35 PM
Men’s Triple JumpFinal 3:00 PM
Women’s Triple JumpFinal 3:00 PM
Men’s 60m HurdlesFinal 3:15 PM
Women’s 60m HurdlesFinal 3:20 PM
Men’s 60mFinal 3:25 PM
Women’s 60mFinal 3:30 PM
Women’s 400mFinal 3:35 PM
Women’s Shot PutFinal 3:45 PM
Men’s 400mFinal 4:00 PM
Women’s 800mFinal 4:25 PM
Men’s 800mFinal 4:40 PM
Women’s 3000mFinal 5:10 PM
Men’s 3000mFinal 6:00 PM
Women’s 4×400Final 6:40 PM
Men’s 4×400Final 7:10 PM

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