Haven Hailu wins Osaka Women's Marathon Results 2023

The following are the top 30 finishers from the 2023 Osaka Women’s Marathon which took place on Sunday, 29 January. The race is part of the World Athletics Platinum Label road race. Haven Hailu takes the title with a comfortable performance.

Hailu resisted the challenges of the home favorites to lead an Ethiopian 1-2 finish in the race after the 24-year-old crossed the finish line at a time of 2:21:13 to return to winning ways. The Rotterdam marathon champion last April was forced to pull out of the Chicago marathon in October, return with a bang this weekend and will be delighted to get the new year off to a winning start.

Hailu won the title by almost a minute after outpacing compatriot Meseret Gola, who clocked 2:22:12 for second place, while Japan’s Yuka Ando finished third in 2:22:59 to round out the podium. Mao Uesugi ran 2:25:18 for fourth place with her Japanese teammate Yumi Yoshikawa running 2:25:20 to complete the top five finishers.

Osaka Women’s Marathon Results 2023

1 Haven Hailu DESSE ETH 2:21:13
2 Sisay Meseret GOLA ETH 2:22:12
3 Yuka ANDO JPN 2:22:59
4 Mao UESUGI JPN 2:25:18
5 Yumi YOSHIKAWA JPN 2:25:20
6 Sairi MAEDA JPN 2:25:24
7 Chiharu SUZUKI JPN 2:25:59
8 Yuna DAITO JPN 2:26:09
9 Kaena TAKEYAMA JPN 2:29:20
10 Honoka TANAIKE JPN 2:29:45
11 Alice WRIGHT GBR 2:29:50
12 Sakiho TSUTSUI JPN 2:32:04
13 Mao KIYOTA JPN 2:33:01
14 Nana SATO JPN 2:33:32
15 Anna MATSUDA JPN 2:34:33
16 Momoko YAO JPN 2:34:48
17 Kate MASON AUS 2:35:15
18 Erika OUMI JPN 2:35:27
19 Yui OKADA JPN 2:36:10
20 Hanami KOGA JPN 2:36:40
21 Kana KOBAYASHI JPN 2:36:54
22 Risper GESABWA MEX 2:37:56
23 Eriko OTSUKA JPN 2:38:51
24 Yukie MATSUMURA JPN 2:39:02
25 Shiho KANESHIGE JPN 2:39:12
26 Mai FUJISAWA JPN 2:41:22
27 Chizuru OI JPN 2:42:30
28 Kasumi NISHIHARA JPN 2:42:56
29 Nagisa GODA JPN 2:44:31
30 Meari OOBUCHI JPN 2:44:56

Haven Hailu wins Osaka Women's Marathon Results 2023

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