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2023 USA Half Marathon Championships results

Jacob Thomson and Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk won the men's and women's races at the 2023 USA Half Marathon Championships on Sunday (26).

Glen Andrews

Aliphine Tuliamuk (C), Lauren Paquette (R) and Nell Rojas after the 2023 USA Half Marathon
Aliphine Tuliamuk (C), Lauren Paquette (R) and Nell Rojas after the 2023 USA Half Marathon

Fort Worth, TX (USA) – Jacob Thomson claimed his first national title, and Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk won the women’s race at the 2023 USA Half Marathon Championships on Sunday, 26 February. Here are the full results from the American national championships

In the Men’s Half Marathon, Thomson outpaced the favorites, including the top two returners from last year, to capture his maiden national crown, using a strong sprint finish to see off his rivals to cross the line at 1:02:38.

He finished ahead of Leonard Korir, the 2022 champion, who finished second with a time of 1:02:39, while Futsum Zienasellasie, who second last year, was pushed back to third place this year at the same time as Korir. Read our full report here

In the Women’s Half Marathon race, Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk won with ease, finishing the race in 1:09:37. Her teammate, Lauren Paquette, finished second with a time of 1:09:51, and Nell Rojas completed the podium by finishing in third place with a time of 1:11:08.

Tuliamuk and Paquette ran most of the race up front alone, but Tuliamuk’s strong finish ensured that she won the race comfortably in the end.

Other notable performances in the Men’s Half Marathon include Abbabiya Simbassa, who finished fourth with a time of 1:02:41, and Brian Shrader, who finished fifth with a time of 1:02:43. In the Women’s Half Marathon, Molly Grabill finished fourth with a time of 1:11:17, and Jessa Hanson finished fifth with a time of 1:11:26.

Results of the USA Half Marathon Championships that took place in Fort Worth, TX, USA on February 26, 2023:

Men’s Half Marathon Final:

  1. Jacob Thomson (USA) – 1:02:38
  2. Leonard Korir (USA) – 1:02:39
  3. Futsum Zienasellassie (USA) – 1:02:39
  4. Abbabiya Simbassa (USA) – 1:02:41
  5. Brian Shrader (USA) – 1:02:43
  6. Scott Fauble (USA) – 1:02:50
  7. Tyler McCandless (USA) – 1:02:53
  8. Colin Bennie (USA) – 1:03:08
  9. Colin Mickow (USA) – 1:03:23
  10. Matt McDonald (USA) – 1:03:43
  11. Jared Ward (USA) – 1:04:11
  12. Kevin Koski (USA) – 1:04:18
  13. Shadrack Kiptoo Biwott (USA) – 1:05:02
  14. Michael Jordan (USA) – 1:05:09
  15. Tyler Jermann (USA) – 1:05:26
  16. Dylan Gearinger (USA) – 1:06:22
  17. Jonas Hampton (USA) – 1:06:36
  18. Josh Kalapos (USA) – 1:06:44
  19. Steven Martinez (USA) – 1:07:34
  20. Ben Anderson (USA) – 1:07:41
  21. Brett Lustgarten (USA) – 1:07:53
  22. Austin Del Rosso (USA) – 1:08:20
    DNF: David Haines (USA)

Women’s Half Marathon Final:

  1. Aliphine Chepkerker Tuliamuk (USA) – 1:09:37
  2. Lauren Paquette (USA) – 1:09:51
  3. Nell Rojas (USA) – 1:11:08
  4. Molly Grabill (USA) – 1:11:17
  5. Jessa Hanson (USA) – 1:11:26
  6. Paige Wood (USA) – 1:11:32
  7. Katja Goldring (USA) – 1:12:36
  8. Molly Seidel (USA) – 1:13:08
  9. Bridget Lyons (USA) – 1:15:06
  10. Lindsey Bradley (USA) – 1:15:13
  11. Kaitlyn Peale (USA) – 1:15:56
  12. Kelsie Perry (USA) – 1:16:30
  13. Taylor Dare (USA) – 1:17:01
  14. Tori Parkinson (USA) – 1:17:48
  15. Caitlin Keen (USA) – 1:18:01
  16. Melissa Ramirez (USA) – 1:18:39

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