Zuzana Prazakova (R) and Anicka Newell after the women's pole vault at the Golden Fly Series 2023

The highly-anticipated Golden Fly Series 2023 returned to Thailand and made its debut in the capital city of Bangkok on February 25th. World-class athletes from five continents gathered to compete on the largest mobile track and field facility, certified by the world’s governing athletic body.

The pole vault and long jump events took place in the heart of the historic city center in front of the iconic Giant Swing, a landmark overlooking the grand Wat Suthat temple. Read more: Who are the highest pole vaulters in history, indoors and outdoors?

The Giant Swing, originally constructed in 1784 for a religious swing ceremony, continues to be a part of Thai tradition and was the backdrop for the athletes to reach new heights during the Golden Fly Series.

American Austin Miller won the men's elite pole vault at the Golden Fly Series 2023
American Austin Miller won the men’s elite pole vault at the Golden Fly Series 2023

In the men’s pole vault competition, defending champion Austin Miller from the United States took the win with a new annual world leading mark of 5.76 meters. The second place went to the Chinese top vaulter Jie Yao with a height of 5.71 meters, followed by Thai local hero Patsapong Amsam-Ang who equaled his Thai record with a height of 5.61 meters.

The women’s pole vault event saw a double win for Zuzanna Prazakova from the Czech Republic and Anicka Newell from Canada with a height of 4.21 meters.

Local hero Khabut Chonthicha came in third with a height of 4.01 meters. The poles of Newell were denied on her flight from Canada, but she was able to share the poles of Prazakova, and the storied moment saw both athletes sharing the win!

Canada's Anicka Newell after the women's pole vault at the Golden Fly Series 2023
Canada’s Anicka Newell after the women’s pole vault at the Golden Fly Series 2023

The women’s long jump competition was of high quality, with the win going to Agate De Sousa from Sao Tome and Principe with a jump of 6.56 meters, currently ranked 4th in the annual world ranking outdoors.

The Asian Indoor Champion Sumire Hata from Japan, came in second with a jump of 6.47 meters, followed by Magdalene Zebrovska from Poland with a jump of 6.42 meters.

In the men’s long jump, Cheswill Johnson from South Africa dominated with a winning jump of 7.84 meters, followed by two top Brazilian jumpers, Gabriel Luiz Boza with a jump of 7.81 meters and Lucas Marcelino Dos Santos with a jump of 7.66 meters.

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