Yared Nuguse running in the men's 1500m

NEW YORK — Yared Nuguse smashed Bernard Lagat’s American record and clocked the second-fastest time in history with 3:47.38 to win the Rudin Wanamaker Mile at the Millrose Games 2023 on Saturday to cap an outstanding evening of competition at the Nike Track & Field Center at The Armory.

The winning performance by Nuguse saw him improving Lagat’s national record by more than two seconds, and below you will find the highlighted splits for each of the featured distances of the race, which included a 1:53.84 800m and a 54.23 final 400m sprint by the event’s winner.

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Rudin Wanamaker Mile Splits

1USA Yared Nuguse (OAC)3:47.3856.581:53.842:53.153:47.38Pl: 1 12
2GBR Neil Gourley (UA Mission Run Dark Sky)3:49.4657.071:54.062:53.423:49.46Pl: 2 9
3AUS Olli H oare (OAC)3:50.8356.281:53.592:53.233:50.83Pl: 3 13
4NZL Sam Tanner (Puma)3:51.7057.401:54.652:54.203:51.70Pl: 4 8
5ESP Mario Garcia Romo (OAC)3:51.7955.941:53.402:53.503:51.79Pl: 5 11
6USA Johnny Gregorek (ASICS)3:51.8258.271:56.952:54.673:51.82Pl: 6 5
7USA Josh Thompson (Nike Bowerman TC)3:52.4957.391:55.462:54.493:52.49Pl: 7 3
8IRL Luke McCann (OAC)3:53.5558.701:57.122:56.173:53.55Pl: 8 4
9USA Sam Prakel (adidas)3:54.3258.031:56.712:55.993:54.32Pl: 9 7
10USA Drew Hunter (adidas)3:55.5258.581:57.302:56.373:55.52Pl: 10 6
11USA Eric Holt (Empire Elite)3:58.6457.711:54.992:55.213:58.64Pl: 11 2
Yared Nuguse running in the men's 1500m

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