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Acea Run Rome the Marathon 2023 Results: Allam and Chepkwony win Elite-level event in Italy

Winner of the Acea Run Rome Marathon 2023 Betty Chepkwony

ROME, Italy (March 19) — Taoufik Allam of Morocco and Betty Chepkwony of Kenya were crowned champions of the Acea Run Rome the Marathon 2023 – a World Athletics Label Road Races – Elite level event that took place in Italy on Sunday, March 19. The men’s and women’s races provided several highlights for the fans who came out to watch the action in the historic city of Rome.

Men’s Results: Allam Shatters Personal Best with a 2:07:43 Finish

Taoufik Allam of Morocco dominated the men’s race, winning with a new personal best of 2:07:43. He improved his previous PB of 2:11:30, which he set in Dublin on October 30, 2022. Wilfred Kigen of Kenya finished second, clocking a time of 2:08:45, followed by his compatriot Rogers Keror with a time of 2:10:50.

Another Kenyan runner, Felix Kiprotich Kirui, finished fourth in 2:11:13, while Berhanu Heye of Ethiopia rounded out the top five with a time of 2:11:51. – Read more: How to watch the Los Angeles Marathon 2023 today?

Women’s Results: Chepkwony Dominates with a New PB of 2:23:02

In the meantime, Betty Chepkwony of Kenya won the women’s race in dominant fashion, breaking the tape with her hands high above her head in a time of 2:23:02. Chepkwony’s time bettered her previous lifetime of 2:30:28, which she set in 2021.

She was followed home by Fozya Jemal Amid of Ethiopia, who crossed the line second, clocking a time of 2:25:09 with Zinash Debebe Getachew of Ethiopia running 2:25:59 to round out the podium.

Jemila Shure of Ethiopia grabbed fourth place with a time of 2:28:01, while Mulugojam Ambi of Ethiopia rounded out the top five with a time of 2:29:25.

Nekagenet Crippa was the top Italian finisher in the men’s race in sixth place with a time of 2:12:11, while Arianna Lutteri (Italy) was 8th in the women’s contest with a time of 2:47:09.

Notable Achievements and Surprises

Taoufik Allam’s impressive performance in the men’s race was a bit performace for the Moroccan, who was running his third competitive marathon. He was able to smash his previous personal best by over three minutes.

Betty Chepkwony’s dominating win in the women’s race was also impressive, as she set a new personal best time and won by a significant margin. It was a good day for Ethiopian and Kenyan runners. Ethiopia took four out of the top five spots in the women’s race and Kenya had three of the top five finishers in the men’s race.

Top 20 results from the men’s and women’s races at the Acea Run Rome the Marathon 2023 – World Athletics Label Road Races – Elite level event on Sunday, March 19.

Men’s Results:

  1. Taoufik Allam (Morocco) – 2:07:43
  2. Wilfred Kigen (Kenya) – 2:08:45
  3. Rogers Keror (Kenya) – 2:10:50
  4. Felix Kiprotich Kirui (Kenya) – 2:11:13
  5. Berhanu Heye (Ethiopia) – 2:11:51
  6. Nekagenet Crippa (Italy) – 2:12:11
  7. Sisay Fekadu Berhanu (Ethiopia) – 2:15:42
  8. Stefano La Rosa (Italy) – 2:18:02
  9. Alessandro Giacobazzi (Italy) – 2:22:14
  10. Najibe Salami (Italy) – 2:22:15
  11. Oskar Andrén (Sweden) – 2:23:01
  12. Giacomo Esposito (Italy) – 2:25:10
  13. Ismail El Haissoufi (Italy) – 2:26:41
  14. Ettore Scardecchia (Italy) – 2:28:13
  15. Luigi Vivian (Italy) – 2:28:59
  16. Simone Peyracchia (Italy) – 2:29:14
  17. Marián Zimmermann (Slovakia) – 2:29:59
  18. Victor Olivier (France) – 2:30:21
  19. Tom Fairbrother (United Kingdom) – 2:31:13
  20. Giusto Simone (Italy) – 2:32:51

Women’s Results:

  1. Betty Chepkwony (Kenya) – 2:23:02
  2. Fozya Jemal Amid (Ethiopia) – 2:25:09
  3. Zinash Debebe Getachew (Ethiopia) – 2:25:59
  4. Jemila Shure (Ethiopia) – 2:28:01
  5. Mulugojam Ambi (Ethiopia) – 2:29:25
  6. Brenda Kiprono (Kenya) – 2:38:27
  7. Etsegenet Ezhil (Ethiopia) – 2:38:57
  8. Arianna Lutteri (Italy) – 2:47:09
  9. Paola Salvatori (Italy) – 2:50:05
  10. Margie Hadley (Australia) – 2:59:59
  11. Alessandra De Magistris (Italy) – 3:00:34
  12. Roxana Maria Girleanu (Romania) – 3:03:14
  13. Claudia Vincenti (Italy) – 3:03:58
  14. Angelina Cavaleri (Italy) – 3:06:21
  15. Özlem Işık (Turkey) – 3:06:40
  16. Ece Calp (Turkey) – 3:09:03
  17. Vania Rizza’ (Italy) – 3:09:12
  18. Szofia Malatinszky (Hungary) – 3:09:15
  19. Silvia Torricelli (Italy) – 3:10:51
  20. Giovanna Puma (Italy) – 3:12:19

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