Liemarvin Bonevacia in 400m at the European Athletics Indoor Championships

In a thrilling Men’s 4x400m relay race at the European Indoor Championships in Istanbul, Belgium put up an impressive performance to win gold and set a new European leading time of 3:05.83. The team of Dylan Borlée, Alexander Doom, Kévin Borlée, and Julien Watrin worked together to secure their victory, with Kévin Borlée running the fastest split for the team with a time of 45.80 seconds.

France collected the silver medal, clocking a time of 3:06.52, and setting a season best. Gilles Biron, Téo Andant, Victor Coroller, and Muhammad Abdallah Kounta comprised the French team, with Kounta running the fastest leg for his team at 45.82. – Read more: Relay splits: Femke Bol splits 49.58 secs; Dutch set CR to win 4×400 in Istanbul

Meanwhile, The Netherlands finished in third place, setting another season best time of 3:06.59. Isayah Boers, Isaya Klein Ikkink, Ramsey Angela, and Liemarvin Bonevacia made up the Dutch team, with Bonevacia running a blazing anchor leg of 45.67 secs — the fastest of the day — to secure the bronze medal for his team.

Spain got off to very aggresssive start and was well placed to win the gold medal, but after leading from the start, anchor runner David Garcia could not hold off the surging teams on the final lap, and the pace-setters ultimately finished off the podium.

Great Britain & NI took fifth place with a season-best time of 3:08.61, while Türkiye set a new national record with a time of 3:09.41.

Highlighted Performances: European Indoor Championships 4x400m

  • Belgium claimed gold with a time of 3:05.83
  • Kévin Borlée ran the fastest split of the race for Belgium with a time of 45.80 seconds
  • France took silver with a time of 3:06.52
  • Bonevacia Liemarvin ran the fastest overall leg of the race and for the Netherlands with a time of 45.67 seconds
  • The Netherlands claimed bronze with a time of 3:06.59
  • Spain led from the start, but finished off the podium. Óscar Husillos with a time of 45.96 seconds
  • Great Britain & NI took fifth place with a season-best time of 3:08.61
  • Turkey set a new national record with a time of 3:09.41. Berke Akçam with a time of 46.58 seconds

Sure, here is the table for the information without the Reaction Time, Cumulative Time (Rank), and Bib section:

16BEL Belgium3:05.83 EL
Dylan BORLÉE47.54
Alexander DOOM46.51
Kévin BORLÉE45.80
Julien WATRIN45.98
22FRA France3:06.52 SB
Gilles BIRON47.53
Téo ANDANT46.72
Victor COROLLER46.45
Muhammad Abdallah KOUNTA45.82
33NED Netherlands3:06.59 SB
Isayah BOERS47.59
Ramsey ANGELA46.54
Liemarvin BONEVACIA45.67
45ESP Spain3:06.87 SB
Óscar HUSILLOS45.96
Markel FERNANDEZ47.40
Lucas BÚA46.27
David GARCÍA47.24
54GBR Great Britain & NI3:08.61 SB
Ben HIGGINS47.46
Joseph BRIER46.99
Samuel REARDON47.75
Lewis DAVEY46.41
61TUR Turkey3:09.41 NR
Oğuzhan KAYA48.47
Berke AKÇAM46.58
Kubilay ENÇÜ47.33
İsmail NEZIR47.03

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