Watch the Zurich Marato Barcelona 2023

The Zurich Marato Barcelona 2023, a World Athletics Label Road Race Gold series event, will take place in Spain on Sunday, March 19. The race will be available to watch via live streaming on YouTube. More than 10 men with a personal best faster than 2:10:00 will compete in the race.

The men’s field will be led by Kaan Kigen Ozbilen of Turkey, the 2017 Cross Country European champion, who aims to break the race record of 2:04:00. Joel Kemboi Kimurer of Kenya, Marius Kimutai (BHR), Adugna Takele Bikila (ETH), Oqbe Kibrom (ERI), and Kelkile Gezahegn (ETH) are among the other top starters in the elite field. Watch the live stream on YouTube | Watch live on TV 3 Catalunya (Spain IP required – or use a VPN such as Nord or IPVanish)

The women’s elite lineup will be headed by Zeineba Yimer Worku and Azmera Gebru Hagos from Ethiopia, as well as Selly Chepyego from Kenya.

Zurich Seguros’ Director of Corporate Responsibility, Cristina Gomis Rüth, said, “We want to value the effort of runners, taking advantage of the great participation of this type of races in Spain, and thus give visibility and support to different entities and charitable causes.

“In this way, runners will know that reaching the finish line has a double reward: not only for them, but also for all the people who benefit from the donation made.”

Below is the list of the men’s and women’s elite runners and their personal best times.

Zurich Marato Barcelona 2023


  1. Kaan Kigen Ozbilen (TUR) – 2:04:16
  2. Joel Kemboi Kimurer (KEN) – 2:05:19
  3. Marius Kimutai (BHR) – 2:05:47
  4. Adugna Takele Bikila (ETH) – 2:05:52
  5. Oqbe Kibrom (ERI) – 2:05:53
  6. Kelkile Gezahegn (ETH) – 2:05:56
  7. Kenneth Keter (KEN) – 2:06:05
  8. Othmane El Goumri (MAR) – 2:06:18
  9. Hamid Ben Daoud (ESP) – 2:06:35
  10. Tadesse Abraham (SUI) – 2:06:38
  11. Abde Asefa (ETH) – 2:06:43
  12. Birhan Nebebew (ETH) – 2:06:52
  13. Kennedy Kiprop (KEN) – 2:06:59


  1. Zeineba Yimer Worku (ETH) – 2:19:28
  2. Azmera Gebru Hagos (ETH) – 2:20:48
  3. Selly Chepyego (KEN) – 2:21:06
  4. Zenebu Fikadu (ETH) – 2:25:11
  5. Delvine Meringor (ROM) – 2:24:32
  6. Bone Cheluke (ETH) – 2:24:37
  7. Melesech Tsegaye (ETH) – 2:24:47
  8. Tseginesh Mekonnin (ETH) – 2:24:50

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