Marius Kimutai from Bahrain wins Zurich Marato Barcelona 2023

BARCELONA, Spain (March 19) – Zeineba Yimer Worku of Ethiopia and Marius Kimutai from Bahrain have set new meeting records at the 2023 Zurich Marato Barcelona. Worku won the women’s race in a time of 2:19:44, while Kimutai claimed victory in the men’s race with a time of 2:05:06. The event is part of the 2023 World Athletics Label Road Race Gold level competitions.

In the men’s race, Kimutai, Othmane El Goumri, and Kaan Kigen Özbilen broke away from the pack to form a trio in the battle for the title. The three runners maintained a fast pace through the middle of the race before Kimutai and El Goumri separated themselves. – Read more: When is the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon 2023 and how to watch?

Kimutai broke free around the 39km mark and powered home to victory, setting a new personal best and lowering the previous meeting record of 2:05:53, set by Yihuniligne Adane to win in 2022.

“I am very happy. I felt strong, and I thanked God for the win,” said Kimutai after the race.

Zeineba Yimer Worku of Ethiopia wins Zurich Marato Barcelona 2023
Zeineba Yimer Worku of Ethiopia wins Zurich Marato Barcelona 2023

Moroccan El Goumri finished second with a time of 2:05:12, with Kenyan-born Turkey runner Özbilen completing the podium places in 2:05:37. Eritrea’s Oqbe Kibrom Ruesom and Kenya’s Joel Kemboi Kimurer finished fourth and fifth, respectively, with times of 2:05:51 and 2:06:32.

On the women’s side, Worku also finished very fast, setting a new Zurich Marato Barcelona record of 2:19:44. The Ethiopian runner’s victory time was better than the previous record of 2:23:11 set by Masaret Dekebo in 2022.

The top three runners, Worku, Selly Chepyego Kaptich, and Delvine Meringor ran together with the help of a pacer for most of the contest. After 40km, Worku increased the tempo and pulled away from her rivals to secure the victory.

“I am so happy. I felt very good running today,” said Worku after the race.

Kaptich finished with the silver medal, with a time of 2:20:03, while Romania’s Delvine Meringor completed the podium with a time of 2:20:49. Ethiopia’s Buzunesh Getachew Gudeta and teammate Zenebu Fikadu Jebesa finished fourth and fifth, respectively, with times of 2:22:38 and 2:24:43.

Zurich Marato Barcelona 2023 results – Top Finishers

Men’s Results:

  1. Marius Kimutai (Bahrain) 02:05:06
  2. Othmane El Goumri (Morocco) 02:05:12
  3. Kaan Kigen Özbilen (Turkey) 02:05:37
  4. Oqbe Kibrom Ruesom (Eritrea) 02:05:51
  5. Joel Kemboi Kimurer (Kenya) 02:06:32
  6. Tadesse Abraham (Switzerland) 02:06:43
  7. Kenneth Keter (Kenya) 02:06:56
  8. Abdi Asefa Kebede (Ethiopia) 02:07:14
  9. Iliass Ouani (FIAMME AZZURRE) 02:07:16
  10. Abraham Filimon (LG TELIS FINANZ REGENSBURG) 02:08:22
  11. Kelkile Gezahegn Woldaregay (ADIDAS) 02:08:34
  12. Leonard Barsoton (ADIDAS) 02:09:06
  13. James Kiplagat (KENIA) 02:09:08
  14. Adugna Takele Bikila (ADIDAS) 02:10:12
  15. Moses Kimulwo Tuyange (ADIDAS) 02:12:43
  16. Nicolae Alexandru Soare (RUMANIA) 02:15:39
  17. Adhanom Abraha () 02:17:47
  18. Yavuz Agrali (TURQUIA) 02:18:39
  19. Thomas Cornthwaite () 02:19:57
  20. Carles Montllor (LI-NING) 02:25:11

Women’s Results:

  1. Zeineba Yimer Worku (Ethiopia) 02:19:44
  2. Selly Chepyego Kaptich (Kenya) 02:20:03
  3. Delvine Meringor (Romania) 02:20:49
  4. Buzunesh Getachew Gudeta (Ethiopia) 02:22:38
  5. Zenebu Fikadu Jebesa (Ethiopia) 02:24:43
  6. Azmera Gebru Hagos (Ethiopia) 02:24:58
  7. Yenenesh Dejene Gerafa (Ethiopia) 02:26:30
  8. Tseginesh Mekonnin Legesse (Ethiopia) 02:27:00
  9. Aude Korotchansky (Ethiopia) 02:40:13
  10. Eva Ledesma Calvet (Ethiopia) 02:43:49
  11. Diana Banienie Banienie (MILLION STEPS) 02:43:50
  12. Eleni Ioannou (DROMEA RACING CYPRUS) 02:52:01
  13. Vilmantė Stašauskaitė () 02:53:57
  14. Federica Cignognani (ATLETICA IMOLA) 02:54:25
  15. Claudia Bigas Ubeda (INDEPENDIENTE) 02:56:21
  16. Beatriz Fernández Gil (CLUBE ATLETISMO CORREDOIRAS BUEU) 02:56:57

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