Morgan Beadlescomb and Mekides Abebe at the Boston races

BOSTON (April 15) – The winners and leading results on Saturday at the B.A.A. 5K and One Mile races in Boston on Saturday, 15 April. Several top runners from various countries competed in the events this weekend, and below, you will find the results and recap as USA athletes excelled in the warmup contest for the 2023 Boston Marathon.

In the men’s 5K contest, Morgan Beadlecomb of the USA took the win with a time of 13:25, beating Canadian Ben Flanagan, who finished one second behind at 13:26. Kenyan runners Edwin Kurgat and Alex Chesiro Masai finished in third and fourth place, respectively, with a time of 13:27 each. American Olin Hacker completed the race at the same time as Kurgat and Masai to claim fifth place.

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In the women’s B.A.A. 5K race, Ethiopian Mekides Abebe, a bronze medalist in the steeplechase at the 2022 World Athletics Championships, finished in 15:02 to claim the top spot. She beat Kenyan 2023 World Athletics Cross Country Championships bronze medalist Agnes Ngetich, who ran 15:02 to finish second.

American Annie Rodenfels came in third at 15:12, followed by fellow American Weini Kelati Frezghi in fourth place with a time of 15:13. Kenya’s Jesca Chelangat clocked 15:15 to finish fifth.

In the One Mile races, Hobbs Kessler of the USA won the men’s race with a time of 4:08.0, while Kristlin Gear took the top spot in the women’s race with a time of 4:40.0.

B.A.A. 5K and One Mile results on April 15

Men’s 5km Road Race Final:

  1. Morgan Beadlecomb (USA) 13:25
  2. Benjamin Flanagan (CAN) 13:26
  3. Edwin Kurgat (KEN) 13:27
  4. Alex Chesiro Masai (KEN) 13:27
  5. Olin Hacker (USA) 13:27
  6. Ahmed Muhumed (USA) 13:27
  7. Tsegay Kidanu (ETH) 13:28
  8. Merhawi Mebrahtu (ERI) 13:29
  9. Eduardo Herrera (USA) 13:30
  10. Wesley Kiptoo (KEN) 13:30
  11. Leonard Kipkemoi Bett (KEN) 13:30
  12. Charles Philibert-Thiboutot (CAN) 13:32
  13. Eric Avila (USA) 13:35
  14. Willy Fink (USA) 13:36
  15. Mason Ferlic (USA) 13:39
  16. Benjamin Kigen (KEN) 13:40
  17. Geoffrey Koech (KEN) 13:41
  18. Kasey Knevelbaard (USA) 13:53
  19. James Quattlebaum (USA) 13:55
  20. Brian Barraza (USA) 14:00

Women’s 5km Road Race Final:

  1. Mekides Abebe (ETH) 15:01
  2. Agnes Jebet Ngetich (KEN) 15:02
  3. Annie Rodenfels (USA) 15:12
  4. Weini Kelati Frezghi (USA) 15:13
  5. Jesca Chelangat (KEN) 15:15
  6. Fiona O’Keeffe (USA) 15:24
  7. Emma Grace Hurley (USA) 15:27
  8. Taylor Werner (USA) 15:29
  9. Bethany Hasz (USA) 15:30
  10. Abby Nichols (USA) 15:33
  11. Marisa Howard (USA) 15:35
  12. Emily Durgin (USA) 15:39
  13. Julie-Anne Staehli (CAN) 15:51
  14. Marielle Hall (USA) 15:58
  15. Megan Hasz (USA) 15:59
  16. Samantha George (USA) 16:08
  17. Yumi Yoshikawa (JPN) 16:08
  18. Jenna Magness (USA) 16:13
  19. Adva Cohen (ISR) 16:17
  20. Jacqueline Gaughan (USA) 16:20

Men’s Mile Road Race Final:

  1. Hobbs Kessler (USA) 4:08.0h
  2. Casey Comber (USA) 4:09.0h
  3. John Gregorek (USA) 4:10.0h
  4. Corey Bellemore (CAN) 4:10.0h
  5. Andrew Ernst (USA) 4:11.0h
  6. Jack Pihl (USA) 4:12.0h
  7. Abraham Alvarado (USA) 4:12.0h
  8. Sean Peterson (USA) 4:13.0h
  9. Drew Piazza (USA) 4:14.0h
  10. Christian Noble (USA) 4:14.0h
  11. Erik Linden (USA) 4:16.0h
  12. Devan Kipyego (USA) 4:16.0h

Women’s Mile Road Race Final:

  1. Kristlin Gear (USA) 4:40.0h
  2. Elizabeth Bird (GBR) 4:43.0h
  3. Susan Lokayo Ejore (KEN) 4:43.0h
  4. Jazz Shukla (CAN) 4:43.0h
  5. Taryn Rawlings (USA) 4:44.0h
  6. Angel Piccirillo (USA) 4:44.0h
  7. Anna Camp Bennett (USA) 4:44.0h
  8. Erin Teschuk (CAN) 4:46.0h
  9. Emily Mackay (USA) 4:46.0h
  10. Ellie Shea (USA) 4:52.0h
  11. Holly Archer (GBR) 4:54.0h
  12. Kristie Schoffield (USA) 5:02.0h
  13. Sadi Henderson (USA) 5:07.0h

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