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Complete Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile elite results

Sarah Chelangat from Uganda and Tsegay Kidanu from Ethiopia won the Elite races at the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile. Sara Hall and Sara Hall were crowned US champions.

Sarah Chelangat wins the 2023 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile
Sarah Chelangat wins the 2023 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile in Washington, D.C. in 52:04 (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly)

WASHINGTON D.C., USA (April 2) – Sarah Chelangat from Uganda and Tsegay Kidanu from Ethiopia secured the victories in the windy conditions at the 2023 Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile, which also served as the 2023 USATF 10 Mile Championships on Sunday.

Chelangat dominated the women’s elite international section of the race, finishing with a winning time of 52:04. The 21-year-old has been in impressive form this season, posting two national records from three races and she entered Sunday’s race as the favorite.

Sara Hall won the USATF title, finishing second with a time of 52:37, ahead of Nell Rojas, who finished third in 52:38. Hall’s victory marked her fourth USATF 10 Mile Championships. – Read more: Thomson, Tuliamuk win USATF Half-Marathon titles in Fort Worth: RRW

Emma Hurley clocked 52:41, finishing fourth, followed by Molly Grabill at 52:42, and Amber Zimmerman at 53:05, completing the top six women’s finishers.

In the men’s elite section, Tsegay Kidanu was the winner, crossing the finish line with a time of 46:08. Hillary Bor was the first American to finish, taking second place with a time of 46:11, securing the USATF 10 Mile Championships.

Abbabiya Simbassa from the US was third with 47:09, followed by Charles Langat from Kenya in 47:25, Jacob Thomson from the US in 47:27, and Matthew McClintock, als from the US at 47:30, completing the top six men’s finishers.

The race saw an impressive performance from the athletes, with Chelangat and Kidanu showing their class to win the Elite International races. Hall and Bor also showed good form en route to winning the USATF 10 Mile Championships in their respective categories.

Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Mile

Elite Women (Intl.) Race Results

  1. Sarah Chelangat (UGA) – 52:04
  2. Sara Hall (USA) – 52:37
  3. Nell Rojas (USA) – 52:38
  4. Emma Hurley (USA) – 52:41
  5. Molly Grabill (USA) – 52:42
  6. Amber Zimmerman (USA) – 53:05
  7. Susanna Sullivan (USA) – 53:25
  8. Carrie Verdon (USA) – 53:35
  9. Weynshet Weldetsadik (ETH) – 53:47
  10. Jessa Hanson (USA) – 53:47
  11. Caroline Rotich (KEN) – 53:53
  12. Anna Dibaba (ETH) – 54:31
  13. Jeralyn Poe (USA) – 54:41
  14. Breanna Sieracki (USA) – 55:52
  15. Bria Wetsch (USA) – 56:01
  16. Samantha Nadel (USA) – 56:12
  17. Elena Hayday (USA) – 56:15
  18. Diane Nukuri (USA) – 57:18
  19. Kate Sanborn (USA) – 57:22
  20. Maddie van Beek (USA) – 58:09
  21. Joanna Thompson (USA) – 59:16
  22. Lanni Marchant (CAN) – 59:22

Note: Lauren Hagans (USA) did not finish the race.

Elite Men (Intl.) Race Results

  1. Tsegay Kidanu (ETH) – 46:08**
  2. Hillary Bor (USA) – 46:11
  3. Abbabiya Simbassa (USA) – 47:09
  4. Charles Langat (KEN) – 47:25**
  5. Jacob Thomson (USA) – 47:27
  6. Matthew McClintock (USA) – 47:30
  7. John Dressel (USA) – 47:32
  8. Shadrack Kimining (KEN) – 47:46**
  9. Emmanuel Bor (USA) – 48:14
  10. Colin Bennie (USA) – 48:18
  11. Tsegay Weldlibanos (ERI) – 48:23**
  12. Joel Reichow (USA) – 48:53
  13. Tyler Jermann (USA) – 49:19
  14. Blaise Ferro (USA) – 50:33
    Kevin Lewis (USA) – 41 (DNF)
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