2023 Penn Relays Day 3 order of event schedule and live stream

The 2023 Penn Relays will conclude on April 29 with a busy and entertaining last day of competition at historic Franklin Field. College and high school athletes will be joined by a host of professional athletes, who are expected to make it a thrilling final-day event. FloTrack  will provide live streaming coverage of the event, and NBC Sports Regional will also provide TV coverage.

Where To Watch Day 4 – Penn Relays 2023 Schedule?

The schedule of events for Day 3 is available below, and you can watch all the live streaming and television broadcast on Saturday. Today you can watch the excitement on the television window for from 2:00-4:00 p.m. ET on NBC Sports regional networks in several different markets. NBC Sports Philadelphia, NBC Sports Boston and NBC Sports Washington will have live coverage. Read more: Day 4: 2023 Drake Relays schedule of events; Where to watch live

Live streaming coverage is available on  FloTrack starting at 7:00 a.m. with the high school girls’ 5K Racewalk and then the Olympic Development men’s 5k Racewalk Open at 7:30 a.m. The Penn Relays broadcast is exclusively available to all FloTrack subscribers, and viewers can stream or cast the action on their desktop, mobile, or TV. Live results (click here) and updates are also available for those unable to watch the stream.

Are the girls competing on 2023 Penn Relays Final Day?

The 127th Penn Relays has attracted thousands of athletes from across the United States, and it is a great opportunity for high school girls to showcase their talents on Saturday after the organizers made a switch in the schedule for this year to have them compete on the last day, instead of the boys.

The first relay race on the third and final day of competition is the high school girls’ 4x400m relay at 8:45 a.m., which will run until 11:19 a.m. The championship of America 4x100m races for college women and high school girls are also on the schedule today, as well as a number of Olympic Development events, including the men’s 110m hurdles, women’s 1,500m, 800m, 600m, and 400m, as well as the men’s Steeplechase.

Day 3: 2023 Penn Relays schedule of events for April 29

501High School Girls’ 5K Racewalk7:00 AM
502Olympic Development Men’s 5k Racewalk Open7:30 AM
503Masters Men’s 5k Racewalk7:30 AM
504U20 Men’s 5k Racewalk7:30 AM
505Olympic Development Women’s 5K Racewalk Open8:00 AM
506U20 Women’s 5K Racewalk8:00 AM
508High School Girls’ 4×4008:45 AM
509High School Girls’ 4×4008:51 AM
510High School Girls’ 4×4008:57 AM
511High School Girls’ 4×4009:02 AM
512High School Girls’ 4×4009:07 AM
513High School Girls’ 4×4009:13 AM
514High School Girls’ 4×4009:19 AM
515High School Girls’ 4×4009:24 AM
516High School Girls’ 4×4009:29 AM
517High School Girls’ 4×4009:35 AM
518High School Girls’ 4×4009:41 AM
519High School Girls’ 4×4009:46 AM
520High School Girls’ 4×4009:51 AM
521High School Girls’ 4×4009:57 AM
522High School Girls’ 4×40010:03 AM
523High School Girls’ 4×40010:08 AM
524High School Girls’ 4×40010:13 AM
525High School Girls’ 4×40010:19 AM
526High School Girls’ 4×40010:25 AM
527High School Girls’ 4×40010:30 AM
528High School Girls’ 4×40010:35 AM
529High School Girls’ 4×40010:41 AM
530High School Girls’ 4×40010:47 AM
531High School Girls’ 4×40010:52 AM
532High School Girls’ 4×40010:57 AM
533High School Girls’ 4×40011:03 AM
534High School Girls’ 4×40011:09 AM
535High School Girls’ 4×40011:14 AM
536High School Girls’ 4×40011:19 AM
537High School Girls’ Prep School 4×400 Independent11:25 AM
538High School Girls’ Prep School 4×400 Prep11:31 AM
539High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia Academic11:36 AM
540High School Girls’ 4×400 Central11:41 AM
541High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban A11:47 AM
542High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban ChesMont11:53 AM
543High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban National11:58 AM
544High School Girls’ 4×400 Suburban American12:03 PM
545High School Girls’ 4×400 Northern Delaware12:09 PM
546High School Girls’ 4×400 South Jersey Small12:15 PM
547High School Girls’ 4×400 South Jersey Large12:20 PM
548High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia Catholic12:25 PM
549High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia Public12:30 PM
550College Women’s 4×1500 Championship of AmericaPresented by TIMEX12:40 PM
551High School Girls’ 4×100 Championship of AmericaPresented by Grace Foods1:05 PM
552College Women’s 4×100 Championship of AmericaPresented by Toyota1:10 PM
553College Men’s 4×100 Championship of AmericaPresented by Grace Foods1:15 PM
554College Men’s 4xMile Championship of AmericaPresented by Retail Sites1:20 PM
555Masters Men’s 100m dash 85 and older1:40 PM
556College Women’s 100m Hurdles ChampionshipPresented by On2:03 PM
557College Men’s 110m Hurdles ChampionshipPresented by On2:11 PM
558Olympic Development Men’s 110m Hurdles ElitePresented by Toyota2:15 PM
559College Women’s 100m dash ChampionshipPresented by On2:23 PM
560College Men’s 100m dash ChampionshipPresented by On2:26 PM
561Olympic Development Women’s 200m ElitePresented by Toyota2:30 PM
563Olympic Development Women’s 1500m ElitePresented by Toyota2:39 PM
564Olympic Development Men’s Benjamin Franklin Mile Run ElitePresented by Toyota2:46 PM
565College Women’s 4×800 Championship of AmericaPresented by On2:56 PM
566College Men’s 4×800 Championship of AmericaPresented by On3:06 PM
567Olympic Development Women’s 400m ElitePresented by Toyota3:21 PM
568Olympic Development Men’s 400m ElitePresented by Toyota3:25 PM
569College Women’s 4×400 Championship of AmericaPresented by On3:29 PM
570College Men’s 4×400 Championship of AmericaPresented by On3:35 PM
571Olympic Development Women’s 600m ElitePresented by Toyota3:46 PM
572Olympic Development Men’s 600m ElitePresented by Toyota3:51 PM
573High School Girls’ 4×400 Championship of AmericaPresented by Grace Foods4:00 PM
574College Women’s 4×100 College4:05 PM
575College Men’s 4×100 College4:10 PM
576College Women’s 4×100 Eastern4:15 PM
577College Men’s 4×100 Eastern4:20 PM
578Women’s 4×100 Open/Club4:23 PM
579Men’s 4×100 Open/Club4:27 PM
580High School Girls’ 4×100 NortheastPresented by Delaware Valley Girls Track Coaches Assoc.4:30 PM
581High School Girls’ 4×100 National4:35 PM
582High School Girls’ 4×100 International4:40 PM
583High School Girls’ 4×800 Championship of AmericaPresented by Toyota4:45 PM
584College Women’s 4×800 College4:57 PM
585College Men’s 4×800 College5:10 PM
586College Women’s 4×400 College5:25 PM
587College Men’s 4×400 College5:30 PM
588College Women’s 4×400 Eastern5:35 PM
589College Men’s 4×400 Eastern5:40 PM
590High School Girls’ 4×400 Philadelphia AreaPresented by Delaware Valley Girls Track Coaches Assoc.5:45 PM
591Women’s 4×400 Open/Club5:50 PM
592Men’s 4×400 Open/Club6:00 PM


801College Women’s Discus Throw Championship9:30 AM
802College Men’s Discus Throw Championship11:30 AM
803College Men’s Pole Vault Championship11:30 AM
804College Women’s Long Jump Championship12:00 PM
805College Men’s Long Jump Championship12:00 PM
806College Women’s High Jump ChampionshipPresented by Coca-Cola12:00 PM
807College Women’s Shot Put Championship12:30 PM
808College Women’s Javelin Throw Championship1:30 PM
809College Women’s Triple Jump Championship2:30 PM
810College Men’s Triple Jump Championship2:30 PM
811College Men’s High Jump ChampionshipPresented by Coca-Cola2:30 PM
812College Women’s Pole Vault Championship2:30 PM
813College Men’s Shot Put Championship2:30 PM
814College Men’s Javelin Throw Championship3:30 PM

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