Drake Relays 2023 Day 4 Order of Events Schedule Live Streaming

The 2023 Drake Relays continues on Saturday with another action-packed schedule and the following in the event schedule for April 29 at Drake Stadium here in Des Moines, IA. Fans that can’t make it to Des Moines can watch the action on the Blue Oval from 2 p.m. CT to 4 p.m. CT live on CBS Sports Network. 

The schedule on Day 4 at the 2023 Drake Relays on Saturday morning begins at 8:00 a.m. CT or 9:00 a.m. ET with the preliminaries races of the high school girls’ shuttle hurdle relay, followed by the boys’ contest at 8:15 a.m. local time in Des Moines. The high school 4x100m heats will start at 9:15 a.m.

Below you will find the complete 2023 Drake Relays schedule of events on Day 4 on April 29. Read more: How to watch the 2023 Penn Relays Live Coverage on FloTrack?

Drake Relays Order of Events – Saturday, April 29

Saturday, April 29, 2023
8:00 a.m.Shuttle HurdleHS, Girls, Prelim
8:15 a.m.Shuttle HurdleHS, Boys, Prelim
8:30 a.m.Distance MedleyIowa CD, Men, Final
8:45 a.m.Distance MedleyCD, Women, Final
9:00 a.m.Distance MedleyCD, Men, Final
9:15 a.m.4x100mHS, Girls, Prelim
9:43 a.m.4x100mHS, Boys, Prelim
10:10 a.m.4x800mHS, Girls, Final
10:25 a.m.4x800mHS, Boys, Final
10:40 a.m.Officials Break
11:43 a.m.Shuttle HurdleHS, Girls, Final
11:48 a.m.Shuttle HurdleHS, Boys, Final
11:53 p.m.Shuttle HurdleUD/CD, Women, Final
12:08 p.m.Shuttle HurdleUD/CD, Men, Final
12:23 p.m.Distance MedleyUD, Women, Final
12:37 p.m.Distance MedleyUD, Men, Final
12:53 p.m.400mHHS, Girls, Final
1:00 p.m.400mHHS, Boys, Final
1:07 p.m.100mUD/CD, Women, Final
1:13 p.m.100mUD/CD, Men, Final
1:21 p.m.100mHUD/CD, Women, Final
1:28 p.m.110mHUD/CD, Men, Final
1:36 p.m.Sprint MedleyUD, Women, Final
1:49 p.m.Sprint MedleyUD, Men, Final
2:02 p.m.400mHElite, Women, Final
2:09 p.m.400mHElite, Men, Final
2:16 p.m.800mElite, Women, Final
2:23 p.m.800mUD/CD, Men, Final
2:28 p.m.800mUD/CD, Women, Final
2:35 p.m.100mHInvitational, Women, Final
2:39 p.m.110mHInvitational, Men, Final
2:46 p.m.100m Wheelchair Paralympic, Women, Final
2:49 p.m.100m WheelchairParalympic, Men, Final
2:56 p.m.1500mElite, Men, Final
3:08 p.m.4x100mUD, Women, Final
3:13 p.m.4x100mUD, Men, Final
3:20 p.m.800mElite, Men, Final
3:27 p.m.1500mElite, Women, Final
3:39 p.m.Invitational 4x400m UD, Women, Final
3:49 p.m.Invitational 4x400mUD, Men, Final
4:05 p.m.4x400mUD, Women, Final
4:12 p.m.4x400mUD, Men, Final
4:19 p.m.4x100mCD, Women, Final
4:24 p.m.4x100mCD, Men, Final
4:29 p.m.4x100mHS, Girls, Final
4:34 p.m.4x100mHS, Boys, Final
4:39 p.m.1500mHS, Girls, Final
4:47 p.m.1600mHS, Boys, Final
4:55 p.m.4x400mCD, Women, Final
5:02 p.m.4x400mCD, Men, Final
5:09 p.m.4x400mHS, Girls, Final
5:16 p.m.4x400mHS, Boys, Final
5:23 p.m.2023 Drake Relays End
10:00 a.m.JavelinUD/CD, Women, Final
10:00 a.m.Long JumpUD/CD, Men, Final
10:15 a.m.HammerUD/CD, Men, Final
10:45 a.mHigh JumpMasters, Co-Ed, Final
11:00 a.m.Pole VaultUD/CD, Men, Final
12:00 p.m.Long JumpUD/CD Invite, Men, Final
12:15 p.m.JavelinUD/CD Invite, Women, Final
12:30 p.m.HammerUD/CD Invite, Men, Final
1:00 p.m.High JumpUD/CD, Women, Final
1:15 p.m.Shot PutElite, Women, Final
1:45 p.m.JavelinUD/CD, Men, Final
2:00 p.m.Pole VaultUD/CD Invite, Men, Final
2:00 p.m.HammerUD/CD, Women, Final
2:05 p.m.Long JumpElite, Men, Final
2:50 p.m.Shot PutElite, Men, Final
3:00 p.m.High JumpUD/CD Invite, Women, Final
4:00 p.m.JavelinUD/CD Invite, Men, Final
4:00 p.m.HammerUD/CD Invite, Women, Final
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ES – Elementary School | MS – Middle School
HS – High School | CD – College | UD – University
Elite – Invitational l Masters – Age 40+

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