The 2023 John McDonnell Invitational will be live streamed from Fayetteville, Arkansas, on 21 April and you can watch the action on SEC Network+ via ESPN+. Live action from the John McDonnell Field will start at 4:30 pm ET with a host of track events, starting with the 110m hurdles.

Arkansas athletes will feature against others from fellow collegiate programs –Kansas and Tulsa, as well several profressionals from around the world, including competitors from The Bahamas, Germany, Saint Vincent, Austria and United States.

The 2023 John McDonnell Invitational Startlists and Live Results

DayStartFriday Field EventsRndStart ListResult
Friday10:00 AMWomen DiscusFinalStart ListResult
Friday12:00 PMMen DiscusFinalsStart ListResult
Friday2:00 PMWomen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:00 PMWomen Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:30 PMMen Long JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday3:30 PMMen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Friday4:00 PMWomen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Friday4:00 PMMen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday5:00 PMWomen JavelinFinalsStart ListResult
Friday6:00 PMMen Triple JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday6:00 PMMen Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Friday6:15 PMWomen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
Friday6:15 PMMen JavelinFinalStart ListResult
Friday6:30 PMWomen Triple JumpFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartFriday Running EventsRndStart ListResult
Friday3:30 PMMen 3000 M SteeplechaseFinalsStart ListResult
Friday3:43 PMWomen 3000 M SteeplechaseFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:00 PMMen 4×100 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Friday4:05 PMWomen 4×100 M RelayFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:10 PMMen 3000 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:20 PMWomen 3000 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday4:35 PMMen 110 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Friday4:45 PMWomen 100 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Friday4:55 PMMen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday5:10 PMWomen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday5:25 PMMen 100 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday5:35 PMWomen 100 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday5:45 PMMen 400 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Friday5:55 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
Friday6:05 PMMen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday6:20 PMWomen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday6:35 PMMen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday6:50 PMWomen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday7:05 PMMen 1500 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday7:20 PMWomen 1500 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday7:35 PMMen 4×400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Friday7:45 PMWomen 4×400 M RelayFinalStart ListResult

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