Issam Asinga runs 9.89w to win at 2023 Corky/Crofoot Shootout

Issam Asinga, the young sprinter, ran another outstanding sub-10 seconds performance in the 100-meter dash at the Corky/Crofoot Shootout meet held at the Fuller Track & Field Complex on Saturday (29).

LUBBOCK, Texas (April 30) – The young sprinter Issam Asinga proved his worth once again with another outstanding sub-10 seconds performance in the 100-meter dash and broke 20-seconds for the first time in the 200-meter at the 2023 Corky/Crofoot Shootout meet held at the Fuller Track & Field Complex on Saturday (29). His performance in the 100m sees him adding to his achievement of being the only U.S. high school athlete to break 10 seconds three times in any condition.

The Montverde Academy High School prodigy, aged 18, was able to clock a wind-aided 9.89 seconds (3.2 m/s) and claim yet another victory ahead of his college rivals after beating a host of professionals in Florida a week ago. This performance comes after Asinga recorded two impressive wind-assisted times of 9.86 (+4.1 m/s) and 9.83 (+2.6 m/s) in Clermont, Fla., last week.

Asinga’s recent win adds to his impressive collection of victories in both the 100m and 200m sprints this season and confirms his dominance among his age group in the track and field world.

Also at the same meet, he clocked a personal best of 19.97 seconds (1.3 m/s) to finish third in the 200m, breaking the 20.09 seconds High School record set by Noah Lyles in 2016. 

Despite Asinga not going head-to-head with current world leader Terrence Jones (9.91 secs) of Texas Tech in the 100m, his victory did not come easy as James Dadzie of Western Texas College finished just behind him in second place with the same time of 9.89 secs.

It was a bit disappointing to see the battle against Jones, who might have very well run in the sub-9.80 region.

Meanwhile, Don’dre Swint (10.06), Adam Clayton (10.08), and Nylo Clarke (10.14), all of Texas Tech, finished third through fifth, respectively.

Asinga’s victory at the PURE Athletics Spring Invitational meeting in Clermont, Florida, last week, where he defeated two-time reigning World 200m champion Noah Lyles, proved to be no fluke. Asinga continued his excellent form over the weekend by beating another strong group of senior competitors in Lubbock on Saturday.

The Montverde Academy senior upset Lyles in the finals of the 100, recording one of the fastest all-conditions times in the world this year with a 9.83.

In the meantime, Sanjay Salmon of Western Texas College claimed the fastest wind-legal time of the Corky/Crofoot Shootout meet, clocking 10.29 to win heat three with a 1.4 m/s wind reading.

Asinga’s victory will put him in good stead as he looks to continue his winning streak and take the track and field world by storm. It is highly likely that the American standout could decide to sign a professional contract before the end of the season.

At the moment he is a future Texas A&M signee, but if he continues to progress this season, could we see a change in mind?

Christopher George, reporting
Christopher George, reporting

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