Melissa Jefferson of Coastal Carolina in the 100m dash

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (April 14) – Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah was overtaken by Melissa Jefferson of the United States in the women’s 200-meter Olympic Development race at the 2023 Tom Jones Memorial Invitational meeting held at the James G. Pressly Stadium on Friday.

Thompson-Herah took the lead coming off the curve and was ahead of the field by three meters heading into the final part of the race. However, Jefferson, a world 4x100m relay gold medalist, clocked a time of 23.02 (1.8 m/s) to claim victory. – Read Also: Julien Alfred Sets World-Leading 21.91 secs at Tom Jones Memorial Invitational

Thompson-Herah, a two-time Olympic champion and the third-fastest woman all-time in the event, was caught by Jefferson with around 30 meters left in the race and had to settle for second place, finishing with a time of 23.23 seconds.

Felicia Brown Edwards took third place with a time of 23.42 seconds, while Maia McCoy and Edidiong Odiong finished fourth and fifth respectively, posting respective times of 23.53 and 23.54.

The James G. Pressly Stadium in Gainesville, Florida, hosted the annual Tom Jones Memorial Invitational meeting.

women’s 200m at the 2023 Tom Jones Memorial Invitational:

  1. Melissa Jefferson, NIKE, 23.02, +1.8 m/s, 1
  2. Elaine Thompson Herah, Puma, 23.23, +1.8 m/s, 1
  3. Felicia Brown Edwards, Garden State TC, 23.42, +1.8 m/s, 1
  4. Maia McCoy, Unattached, 23.53, +1.8 m/s, 1
  5. Edidiong Odiong, Unattached, 23.54, +1.8 m/s, 1
  6. Cassie-Ann Pemberton, Team England, 23.63, +2.7 m/s, 2
  7. Junelle Bromfield, Adidas, 23.72, +1.8 m/s, 1
  8. Taylor Manson, Unattached, 23.75, +2.7 m/s, 2
  9. Gabrielle Farquharson, Garden State TC, 24.33, +2.7 m/s, 2
  10. Diani Walker, Team England, 24.47, +2.7 m/s, 2
  11. Joyce Kalombo, Team England, 25.78, +2.7 m/s, 2

This list includes each athlete’s place, name, affiliation, time, wind speed, heat number, and points earned.

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