Abdihamid Nur recovers from fall, sets 5000m PB at USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix

Abdihamid Nur won the men's 5000m race at the 2023 USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix after falling as 13 of the 24 finishers ran personal bests on the night.

Abdihamid Nur wins 5000m at USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix

LOS ANGELES, May 27 — Abdihamid Nur won the men’s 5000m race at the 2023 USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix on Friday (26) despite a dramatic fall on the opening lap. The event, which took place at the UCLA Drake Stadium, is part of the 2023 World Athletics Continental Tour Gold series.

Nur, who started the race on Friday night with a personal best time of 13:06.32, surpassed his own record by crossing the finish line at 13:05.17. This outstanding achievement not only set a new Drake Stadium record but also surpassed the qualifying standard of 13:07.00 for the upcoming World Athletics Championships in Budapest in 2023. – Read more news: Camacho-Quinn vs Amusan vs Tia Jones: USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix 100m hurdles start list

During the initial lap, Nur encountered a setback when he was inadvertently bumped from behind, disrupting his stride and rhythm and causing him to fall. However, the determined American, who had previously secured the NCAA Indoor Championship title in 2022, quickly regained his composure and reestablished his momentum.

In a remarkable display of resilience, Nur surged ahead in the final two laps, ultimately achieving a time well below the qualifying standard for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, clocking in at 13:07.00.

“I remained composed, respected the competition, and allowed the race to unfold naturally,” Nur recounted after his awe-inspiring comeback victory.

“I made my move at two and a half laps because that’s where I feel most confident. I seized the opportunity when it presented itself.”

While Nur was the sole athlete to surpass the world champion standard, his performance served as the driving force for 13 other participants, including the top eight finishers, who achieved personal best times.

Edwin Kurgat of Kenya secured second place with a personal best time of 13:08.46, closely followed by Morgan Beadlescomb (USA) in third place with a time of 13:08.82, and Athanas Kioko of Kenya with a personal best of 13:09.51. Emmanuel Bor (USA) rounded out the top five with a time of 13:10.91, also a personal best.

Notably, Neil Gourley of Great Britain claimed the sixth spot with a personal best time of 13:11.44, while Eduardo Herrera (13:12.23 PB) and Knevelbaard United States (13:15.96 PB) of the USA achieved personal best times, securing the seventh and eighth positions, respectively.

USATF Los Angeles Grand Prix 5000m Results

  1. Abdihamid Nur (United States) 13:05.17 PB 23
  2. Edwin Kurgat (Kenya) 13:08.46 PB 7
  3. Morgan Beadlescomb (United States) 13:08.82 PB 22
  4. Athanas Kioko (Kenya) 13:09.51 PB 19
  5. Emmanuel Bor (United States) 13:10.91 PB 6
  6. Neil Gourley (Great Britain) 13:11.44 PB 5
  7. Eduardo Herrera (United States) 13:12.23 PB 17
  8. Kasey Knevelbaard (United States) 13:15.96 PB 9
  9. Ben Flanagan (Canada) 13:16.34 21
  10. Dillon Maggard (United States) 13:16.55 PB 26
  11. Addisu YIHUNE (Ethiopia) 13:17.09 24
  12. Aaron Bienenfeld (Germany) 13:19.76 15
  13. Jack Rowe (Great Britain) 13:20.00 PB 18
  14. Charles Philibert-Thiboutot (Canada) 13:25.34 20
  15. Reid Buchanan (United States) 13:27.03 PB 2
  16. Ahmed Muhumed (United States) 13:31.60 14
  17. Casey Comber (United States) 13:31.85 PB 3
  18. Alexio Young (United States) 13:34.96 PB 16
  19. Eric Hamer (United States) 13:44.83 4
  20. Evert Silva (United States) 13:44.84 1
  21. Edward Crawford (United States) 13:46.36 13
  22. Christian Ricketts (United States) 13:57.14 10
  23. Christian Noble (United States) 13:59.18 25
  24. TianYu Chen (China) 14:15.63
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