Results: 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Elite; Mantz, Durgin win titles

Complete 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Elite results on May 29 as USA athletes Connor Mantz and Emily Durgin won the International Invitational Pro races.

BOULDER, Colorado (29 May) – The 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Elite race results as Connor Mantz and Emily Durgin, both representing the United States, claimed victory in the men’s and women’s categories, respectively.

This year’s annual Memorial Day event proved to be a memorable and fiercely competitive affair, with both runners taking the victory with contrasting styles. Read more: Conner Mantz and Emily Durgin win 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Elite titles

In the women’s International Invitational Pro race, the pace was set early on as three athletes broke away from the pack, creating an exhilarating spectacle for the crowd. As the contest progressed, it became a thrilling two-runner battle between Emily Durgin and Ednah Kurgat, both hailing from the United States.

American Emily Durgin wins women's Elite 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K
American Emily Durgin wins women’s Elite 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K

However, it was Durgin who demonstrated her dominance, seizing sole control of the race after the halfway mark and surging ahead to secure a remarkable triumph in a time of 33 minutes and 24 seconds.

Kenya’s Daisy Kimeli exhibited remarkable strength and determination, finishing strongly to secure the second-place position with a time of 33:48. Not far behind, USA’s Carrie Verdon crossed the finish line at 33:49 seconds to claim the third-place spot.

Ednah Kurgat, who had valiantly battled for the lead earlier in the race, concluded the competition in fourth place with a time of 34:05. Rounding out the top five was Maggie Montoya, also representing the United States, who finished in a commendable time of 34:30 seconds.

Connor Mantz Wins 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Elite

The men’s International Invitational Pro race unfolded with equal excitement, as Connor Mantz exhibited remarkable speed and strategy to secure the coveted title. Mantz, representing the United States, made a significant surge in the final kilometer, propelling himself from third place to overtake his competitors and finish the race in an impressive time of 29 minutes and 8 seconds.

Chasing closely behind Mantz was Kenyan runner Alex Masai finished the race in second place with a time of 29:1 seconds and Teshome Mekonnen of the United States secured the third-place position, clocking in at 29:22.

Joseph Panga of Tanzania claimed fourth place with a time of 29:27, while Kenya’s Wesley Kiptoo rounded out the top five finishers, completing the race in a time of 29:30.

2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Elite

Men’s 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Results

  1. Connor Mantz 29:08
  2. Alex Masai 29:11
  3. Teshome Mekonnen 29:22
  4. Joseph Panga 29:27
  5. Wesley Kiptoo 29:30
  6. Edward Cheserak 29:31
  7. Sam Chalenga 29:58
  8. Leonard Korir 30:06
  9. Jose Luis Santana 30:08
  10. Jared Ward 30:13
  11. Clayton Young 30:15
  12. Victor Zambrano 30:23
  13. Josephat Gisemo 30:35
  14. Luke Caldwell 30:41
  15. Saul Acosta 31:31

Women’s 2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Results

  1. Emily Durgin 33:24
  2. Daisy Kimeli 33:48
  3. Carrie Verdon 33:49
  4. Ednah Kurgat 34:05
  5. Maggie Montoya 34:30
  6. Neeley Gracey 34:49
  7. Daniela Huerta 35:30
  8. Leydy Yoland Romero Duran 35:41
  9. Sarah Naibei 36:14
  10. Mercy Chepkurui 36:29
  11. Luisa Baca 36:44
  12. Laura Thweat 36:45
  13. Angelica Espinoza 36:58
  14. Ruby Riativa 38:03
  15. Ana Marie Cifuentes Pachon 41:15

2023 BOLDERBoulder 10K Citizens 10K Results

Citizens Men’s 10K Results

  1. Ben Schneiderman 31:02
  2. Josh Romine 31:07
  3. Max Sannes 31:18
  4. Jake Mitchem 31:20
  5. Jackson Neff 31:25
  6. Charlie Lawrence 31:26
  7. Alejandro Garcia 31:32
  8. Ian Butler 31:33
  9. Jarrod Ottman 31:33
  10. Jonathan Aziz 31:33
  11. Jarred Iacovelli 31:52
  12. Aidan Boyle 31:54
  13. Ben Payne 31:58
  14. Jackson Harrison 32:06
  15. Campbell Ross 32:10

Citizens Women’s 10K Results

  1. Molly Grabill 34:37
  2. Janelle Lincks 35:28
  3. Chelsea Burns 35:36
  4. Carmela Cardama Baez 35:44
  5. Lynsie Gram 35:56
  6. Lexi Zeis 36:27
  7. Erica Hawley 36:55
  8. Dani Cook 37:04
  9. Melissa Dock 37:04
  10. Nicole Esplin 37:30
  11. Peyton Thomas 37:33
  12. Jessica Cunningham 37:35
  13. Whitney Penny 37:39
  14. Devon Sutton 37:39
  15. Lucca Fulkerson 37:43
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